2005 Kia Sorento Q&A

2005 Kia Sorento Question: radiator replacement

My radiator started leaking fluid, I took it in for a look and they said my Nipple was cracked and the radiator needs to be replaced. What could have caused this? -
Answer 1
the vehicle overheated so bad that the plastic in the rad cracked. this is not good. make sure they check for possible head gasket issues before returning it to you. Roy -
Answer 2
Happened to mine. Mechanic told me about it when he put in a new AC condensor. I didn't have the problem before I took it in and you have to remove that to get to the condensor. He said he tried to bondo it - he did but it didn't last. He probably knocked it and that may be what happened to yours. I have mine temporarily patched but that won't last forever. Problem is the nipple and radiator are all one piece so a new radiator is the only to fix the issue. -
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