radiator replacement on 1993 Chevrolet Lumina

on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to replace rad myself??

by in Pittsburgh, PA on September 26, 2010
0 answers
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I have seen two radiators for the 1999 Chevy Lumina LTZ. One is 5/8ths inches thick and the other is 1 inch thick. Which one should I purchase?
Car was overheating. Gemini/Goodyear said it was my radiator and replaced it. Showed me what they said was "vandalism"...2 fresh saw cuts into each side of the radiator top and bottom same depth ...
When the a/c is on the temp is just above middle. When I turn it off the temp goes almost to the red. I have replaced both fan motors, thermostat and manifold gasket. radiator two yrs. old. One...
When car is running guages don't show engine over heat, but when car is turned off, radiator fluids will run down on drivers side, sometimes profusly. Is it the radiator or the plastic tank
coolant flush radiator. labor for thermostat change.how must will it cost for labor to replace thermostat? and also for radiator coolant flush

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