Radiator Replace on 2005 Volvo S60

I have a slow leak on the seam of the plastic part of the radiator. The dealer want's to rob me $1150 for replacement. I found a reputable dealer who will do it for $800. I can get a brand new OEM shipped to my door for $230.00. I am not scared of doinf it myself if I had the shop manual (which I will get). The question I have is why do they quote 5.25 hours for labor? Is it realy that big of a deal to do this job? Do I have to have special tools? Even if it takes my 2 day weekend, I would save $500 bucks to do it myself.

by in Eugene, OR on June 15, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 16, 2010
5 hours is the correct time on this job. It's a big job. I've replaced many of these, and it's not going to an easy job at at home. You'll need to separate the condenser from the radiator so you don't have to drain and fill the A/C refrigerant, and then drop the radiator out from the bottom. You'll need to fight with the intercooler too, which is attached to the radiator and condenser. I don't know your mechanical ability, but you're in for 5-10 hours of difficult work, and if that's worth $500 to you, then go for it.
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