Radiator leaks can i use stop leak on 2007 Volvo S60

the car has been leaking was told by mechanice months ago need new raditor but it wasn't leaking bad. Now it's leaking bad and i was wondering if i could put stop leak in the expansion tank without causing harm.

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I was losing a pint a week in my 2006 Volvo S60 R for several months but no apparent leak could be detected. My mechanic put it on a lift and ran it to temperature and the culprit was the radiator leaking steam at a weld. The radiator was removed, taken to a local radiator repair shop and reinstalled. Cost about 1/4 the cost of a new radiator. You have probably waited too long for stop leak to repair the damage. Stop leak works well on very small problems. The new radiators are plastic and metal combination which seems they are asking for problems. Hope this has helped you.
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Depending on the size of the leak stop leak can work but it's only a temporary fix and the radiator should be replaced. Bars leak makes a stop leak in a liquid form that works well.
If it's leaking bad you need to either replace it or repair it, depending on the radiator design. Stop leak and or any type of additives that are designed to reduce small leaks might reduce the actual leak problem, but will eventually cause other problems that can cost more to repair. I would say be very careful when using any additives in engine and trans since most of them have side effects that can be costly.