Radiator Fluid Leaking Into Cabin on Passenger Side!!! on 1993 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

I've already changed the Radiator Cap and Thermostat but have a leak that appears to be coming from the one of the two hoses that lead into the firewall (heater hoses?). It causes the fluid to get inside the firewall and leak onto peoples feet that while sitting in the passenger side of my vehicle (not happy campers). Any advise out there? Thanks guys!

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it sounds like your heatercore is bad which causes fluid to leak on the interior of the vehicle
You were 100% right. Took it to a radiator shop before reading your posting... told me it was the heater core! Local shops wanted to charge $65 bucks for the part and $340 for labor! I bought the part at Auto Zone for $35 bucks and a "family mechanic" put it on for $75 bucks! Works great, thanks!
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if you have the one I have it has duel zone climate control for the front and the back, the heater core hose has a t fitting that might need to be replaced, we did that last week and it resolved the problem, it was like 33 bucks from the gm dealer, I would try that before changing out the core being as it is way less work, and if your heat works, there is probably nothing wrong with the core. Liz
Your heater core, which is located behind the dash on the passenger side is leaking. You can stop the leaking temporarily by disconnecting the heater supply hoses in the engine compartment and connect them in a loop at the motor. This will buy you time to repair or have repaired your heater core