radiator fill on 2000 Lincoln LS

What is the best way to fill the radiator? When I fill it through the plastic bottle it doesnt fill the radiator instead I end up with a giant air pocket.There is no cap on the radiator. There is a plastic cap near the top of the thermastat. Iam not sure if that would be the place,I dont want to break the plastic . I thought I would ask how first. It might turn out cheaper. The car is a Lincoln LS 3.9 2000. Thank you.

by in Hamtramck, MI on February 08, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 09, 2011
Please refer to the answer I have provided you in your previous asking of this question. You do purge air and fill coolant inside the reservoir and only the reservoir. If you need assistance, a good shop with the right bleeding equipment can help you. Good luck.
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