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1997 Buick Century Question: radiator fans

My car overheats i believe due to fans not working how do i fix, fans. -
Answer 1
Apply power to the fans directly. You could bypass the relay. -
Comment 1
Not to take anything away from ICDAVILLA if you car is overheating then your fans should come on. You have two fans, one for primary cooling the other for additional air movement when the A/C is turned on. -
Answer 2
I am not a mechanic, just an engineer, but did you checked your thermostat? -
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the ac will start cool and then after a while just blow warm air and when sitting in traffic the temp starts to slowly increase
91 Custom: Did the following: 1. Tested fan still works 2. Replaced Temp Sensor 3. Replaced the Thermostat 4. NO Trouble Codes 5. Tested ECM ( by unplugging he MAF Sensor, this caused trouble ...
I checked the fan it runs, I replaced the temp sensior, I replaced the relay fan still will not run any ideals what could be the problem.
i straight wire radiator fan directly to battery it works.but when hooke back up it will not come on