Radiator Fan on 1994 Volkswagen Golf

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Hi Radiator fan wont start.. what makes the fan start???
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Which engine is in your car 1.9 turbo or 2.0L?
There is a VW recall on the cooling fan motor on both these engines. The fan motor seizes and does not turn, that should be easy fro you to look at, if its seized call your dealer!
The radiator has a switch that turns on when it reaches a certain temperature it turns on the radiator cooling fan. There are also fuses and a cooling fan control module also in the circuit. Ensure the coolant level is correct.
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Some cars use the coolant temp. switch for the fuel injection ECU to turn on the cooling fan and have no radiator fan switch at all. Call your dealer anyway out of curiousity if there is an upgraded fan that they will replace for free, take advantage!
thanx for ur engine is a 2.0...i already tested the fans...they turn on when i start the AC...this is the 1st time i have a golf, so i dunno if european cars start the fan with a temp sensor like american cars do.
I emailed VW, and found out my TH sensor needed replaced. it was a recall back in late 90's that never got taken care of. You may want to get in touch with them. Unless you fixed it already.