Radiator on 1990 Buick Century

How to tell if radiator has an oil cooler or not

by in Fulton, NY on October 22, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 22, 2009
Besides the radiator hoses, you should see two hoses that go to the engine, and this would indicate an oil cooler. If the lines go to the transmission, then they are are for a transmission cooler. Some vehicles may even have a power steering cooler, with hoses attached to the power steering system.
COMMENT by on October 23, 2009
I don't believe you mean hoses, I think you mean lines.My radiator has 4 steel lines.2 on each side. 2 on top,2 on bottom.2 appear to go to tranny.2 go from 1 side of the radiator to the other. Have you seen that before I haven't.It has Ps cooler that loops around in the front,but doesn't go to radiator. Thank- You for answering me. Steve
COMMENT by on October 23, 2009
Steve, Some of the vehicles have hoses, some have lines, your right, thanks for clarifying that. I have seen the lines that go to the transmission, but not from one side to the other. That must mean that there is a separate trans cooler on both sides of the transmission and the lines connect the two.
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