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1992 Honda Civic Question: Rack & Pinion Malfunction?

Infrequently, when coming out of say, a left turn and while accelerating, turning the steerning wheel becomes resistant or sluggish (and I do mean "very") defying attempts to reverse the direction of the turn, requiring me to apply significant leverage upon the steering wheel merely to bring it out of its then-current position (I would characterize the experience as --- in addition to being terrifying --- some sort of force taking over the steering control, heading the car towards the nearest ditch!) Transaxles are new. Car has 140,000 miles. Rack & pinion malfunction? Thanks a bunch for your assistance! Sherry R. -
Answer 1
It could definitely be the rack, but it could also be the power steering pump or hoses. I recommend taking the car in to have those components inspected and the problem diagnosed. Don't put it off too long--that is definitely a safety issue! -