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2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: rack and pinion replacement cost

I am sure it is the rack and pinion based on the previous answer so how much is this going to cost in labor? I priced the r&p at $145.00 -
Answer 1
Steering Gear part number 4766321AD, approx $280.00 from dealership. Labor time with Toe set 5.0 hours. Labor costs vary. -
Answer 2
I was charged $1,000 for a rack and pinion job on a saturn.. seems very steep. but with the 5 hours labor it all adds up! -
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What type and year Saturn -
Answer 3
i have a 1999 intrigue 3.5 engine. in miami it cost $450. fot the rack,plus labor -
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I have a 93' Accord and it cost me $300 for the part, labor, and both outter tie rods. I also stay in Miami. -
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I HAVE 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan and lit cost me $900 Canadian with parts and labor, not sure what cause it , I am blaming my wife she had a bad habit of turning steering while car is stand still. -
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