rack and pinion leak?? any help please on 2002 Buick Century

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I noticed something with my car and I asked my b/f to look at it real quick and he said I have a leaking rack and pinion....Any idea on how much it will cost and what exactly needs done....Also is it safe to drive?? I have kids....thank you
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The rack-n-pinion needs rebuilt or replaced, you're in Escondido where it would be higher then here, so check the Estimator on top of this page. If it's leaking you need to keep fluid in it, if it gets worse the power steering could stop working, and leave you in a panic with the kids in the car, and you over react, then ??????. Get 'er fixed.
how serious is this?? I know there is fluid leaking but can I drive it?? I am pretty good when it comes to cars...I have had a tire blow on an overpass and remained very calm....I took to a mec. and he said to drop it off at 8:30....I just don't want to replace something if I don't have to....also the estimator says between 500 and 1,200...I don't have that kind of money!!!!
Alright I got my car back and this is the Diagnosis: It needs an Intermediate Shaft, It needs a Rack and Pinion and Front Struts, All need to be replaced....Guess what the damage is? 1,623.60 that's with parts and labor....Yay! Thankfully none of it is a safety issue...At least that's what he said....Thank you guys for your help....Jenn
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