Rack and pinion is leaking. Cost is $1300. Can my car survive w/o repair? on 2005 Nissan Murano

It is a 2005 murano. I can't afford the repair. How long does the car have ? Can I add fluid?

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It's your steering! Fix it or park it!! What happens if it goes out all at once in that spot where you really need power assist?
Thank you
You are welcom! Sorry to be so blunt but it is a safety issue.
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Did you check the price for an after market rack.
I received names for two other mechanics to compare prices . Thank you.
Hope it helps. Good luck
A mechanic gave me the same diagnosis($1500). I got a 2nd opinion, 2nd mechanic said it was my power steering hose that was leaking (dealer item= $290). I went with 2nd opinion, steering has been perfectly fine for last 3 months.
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