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R Robinson's Auto Repair & Towing

3800 State Route 444, Fairborn, OH 45324

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Mon - Fri:7:30am to 5:30pm

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Our goal is to offer unbeatable prices, reliable experience, and efficient service in our facility. Our shop offers state-of-the-art computer technology and friendly service. We provide a 90 Day labor warranty for all of the work done with us. Parts warranty is always based on the supplier we use - from 90 days to lifetime.

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Buick Cadillac Chevrolet
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Hyundai Isuzu Jeep
Kia Lincoln Mazda
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Muffler & Exhaust Oil Change & Lube Roadside Assistance Service & Repair
Tire Sales/Repair Transmission Repair


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R Robinson's Auto Repair & Towing
March 27, 2015

In the military TDY to WPAFB and began to hear loud clicking noises during higher RPMs and saw fluid splashed up underneath my truck. I asked around base and two people recommended R Robinson's. Expected the worst, Jimmy explained possible issues. He accurately determined only the transfer case tail shaft seal needed replaced. Great service at a great price. I highly recommend them.

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R Robinson's Auto Repair & Towing
May 06, 2013

I was traveling through ohio and my truck broke down. I found Robinson's on here using my phone and called for a tow. They were out to me in well under an hour and got me off the highway. The driver ended up being the owner of the business and after a short talk i wanted him to fix my truck. So he takes me and my truck to his shop, give me a ride to a hotel close by and even help me carry my things inside .(wow) the next morning i get a call and for less than $200.00 tow and all i was back on the road again. This place may be small and a little older building but nobody ever has gone out of their way for me like these guys did. Thanks a million!!

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R Robinson's Auto Repair & Towing
February 02, 2012

I have used R Robinsons for several years for various repairs on my S-10 truck. Matt has always been very professional and friendly and willing to explain everything that needs done and what work he has done. I have even asked before to get some work done and he will tell me it does not need to be done--how many mechanics will tell you when you don't need work. I have always been completely satisfied with whatever work they have done on my vehicle.

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R Robinson's Auto Repair & Towing
November 09, 2011

I called for an estimate and the voice was very impolite. Sounded very rude. Even if they were gonna do for free, I won't consider these guys. Looks like got a big attitude.

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R Robinson's Auto Repair & Towing
March 06, 2011

I had never been to these guys before but always heard great things about them all over the base. I called them and got in the next day to have them check my brakes. Firestone said i needed $900 worth of brake work to my car. The manager took my out in the shop and showed me everything that was wrong with my brakes and did all the work firestone said would cost $900. and i saved almost $400 by having R Robinson's do it. Thank you will see alot of me and my family!!

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R Robinson's Auto Repair & Towing
May 03, 2010

My brake line in my car broke in and I called around to get some estimates and I got some estimates that were outragous. R. Robinson's wouldn't give me a quote over the phone for the repair but after I took it in they gave me my estimate the next and it was $600 less than the other place I considered going too. And not only was my brake line broke but my front brakes were gone and another line was leaking and something else was leaking and it was all fixed for less than $500. And my car was ready the next afternoon. And works great. The brakes are better now than before I got them fixed. And the mechanic was great he treated me like a person not someone who didn't know anything about cars he showed me what was wrong with my brakes to need them changed. Women this is the place to go if you are tired of getting treated like you know nothing. Thank you soo much for getting me back on the road so quick R. Robinson's!!!‎

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R Robinson's Auto Repair & Towing
April 28, 2010

Work Incomplete! Vehicle Disabled! Still Charged Labor!

Imagine your mechanic recommending replacement of rear wheel bearing, choosing to pay the estimated $180 for parts and labor, then having to have your vehicle towed home because you now cannot afford the “needed” rear-end replacement costing between $600 and $1000. I chose to go ahead and get it fixed since the vehicle was already at the garage and I couldn’t really afford a breakdown when driving. The mechanic Matt at R. Robinsons called with bad news that he couldn’t remove the bearing and I needed new rear end costing anywhere from $600 to $1000 depending on the cost of parts. I said to just put it all back together and I’ll get the rear end replaced when I can afford it. He clarified his statement saying that he removed most of the bearing but not all of it and that the vehicle cannot be driven. He claims to have spent 5 to 6-hours trying to remove the old bearing from the axle housing and claimed the axle housing was warped. I asked what he meant and he stated that it was “egg-shaped” and not round. I still could not afford the replacement so I asked him to put it all back together and I would get it towed back home soon. The receipt states “customer has driven so long on bad bearing it has warped the axle shaft housing, we are unable to remove old bearing race, we recommend rear end replacement.” I was charged a total of $210 before taxes for the mechanic at R. Robinson’s Towing to disable my vehicle even though he claims only 3-hours were charged. Boy was that a relief, I can’t even imagine if I had to pay even more for nothing!

The bottom line is that I dropped the truck off to be worked on Wednesday April 21, 2010 and had to have it towed off the lot on Friday April 23. I had the vehicle serviced by another mechanic who was able to remove the remaining bearing parts in under 15-minutes and had the truck back on the road in less than 2-hours without a rear-end replacement. Neither the axle shaft housing or the bearing race were warped or oval shaped as I had been told by the mechanic Matt at R.Robinsons. My new mechanic spent over 30-minutes of his time just removing all the nicks, gouges and grooves that were created by R. Robinson’s mechanic who must have tried almost every wrong tool you can think of to remove the bearing race. Anyone with common sense knows that if you cannot properly perform the maintenance or repair action that you are recommending then you should not attempt or begin any repair actions. Perhaps if R. Robinson's Towing would simply purchase a set of Rear Axle Bearing Pullers (which cost as low as $30 for a universal set of three), they could have finished the job they started in a reasonable time. You would think that an ASE certified facility would have the right tools for the job, especially for work they are recommending that customers have performed. (even though I was only charged for 3-hours).

I visited R. Robinson’s Towing on April 28th during my lunch break to ask for a refund of the labor charges. I stated that I did not want the diagnostic fee, just the other labor charges that I had paid because they did not complete the repairs that they recommended and they left my truck disabled and unable to be driven. The mechanic Matt refused and then he called Mr. Robinson to see what he wanted to do and he also refused to refund any monies. Before this incident, I was recommending the place to everyone because I believed that it was a reputable establishment I could trust to do the right thing. I no longer feel this way and now advise everyone not to go here, however the decision is your own. Just remember the old phrase “I told you so” if you drop your vehicle off in working condition but have to have it towed off the lot or spend big money to get it repaired at R. Robinson’s Towing in Fairborn, Ohio.

Visit www. rrobinsons. net to see some pictures that go with this true story.

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R Robinson's Auto Repair & Towing
September 08, 2009

These guys are the best in town no question about it. My 2001 Monte had been dying on me and another shop in Fairborn had worked on it and the problem did not get fixed. That shop wanted me to buy 2 more parts saying that those were bad as well. So i was driving down the road and stop at R, Robinson's cause i had heard great things about them and was very upset at my regular mechanic. They stopped what they were doing and Rob hook his computer to the car and showed me that the part the other place just replaced was bad. He look at the part and found that they had put a cheap Autozone part on my car. He told me to take it back to them and make they replace it under warranty so that it would not cost me anymore money. I ask him what it would have cost me to have had it done there at his shop in the first place. I was floored when i found out i over paid $165 more at the other shop than i would have it i had Rob fix it. wow i have a new mechanic life now. Thanks guys !!

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