Quits running and if get started it dies, but radio and fan works on 1995 Honda Civic

1995 Honda Civic, auto transmission, recently in the shop several times for new radiator (twice), water pump and timing belt. Drove it OK for about one month and then while driving it suddenly quit running. After letting it sit I was able to get it started, but it quit again. Not the battery or electrical since radio, lights and fan work. It's been suggested it is a sensor or maybe the fuel pump. Car has less than $150,000 miles, but have already put $1200+ into it. Any ideas?

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I usually check the electrical portion of the Ignition Switch first and foremost on these types of problems on a Honda.
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Check the EGR valve, causes rough erratic idles and shutoffs, hard to diagnose, even dealership shops cant find it most times. Have a look at it, replace it, see what happens.