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Broken Driver Side Headlamp - would like to learn how to fix on my own.
the central electronic module quits and the entire inside of the car shuts down, the only thing that runs is the engine -low beam headlights-and brake lights. The electronic shifting also stops working. The dealer sa...
Frequent P0410 OBD2. (PAIR) Air pump run ok if relay manually opperated.. Have also changed realy.. ECU fail to energise it... (ECU Energises Vacume soleniod okay sas valve opens) Vacume soleniod operates ok and op...
My 1999 V70 (164K miles) needs a new fuel pump but in taking the old one out I broke one of the fuel line connectors. How easy is it to get replacements and also can they be fitted easily.
I am considering buying a used volvo, never had one before. What should I be especially careful or aware of? Is this a good choice? Thanks for any help Robert
The car is an earlier model and I am puting it back together after overhauling the motor.
what type fluid for 5 speed automatic
Directions on how to replace a power steering pump, please.
car is making a sound on the left side of engine.sounds like a bearing from the turbo.the car drives and idles fine. please please help.e-mail
The mechanic at the dealership tells me my Volvo V70 has an oil leak and oil is getting on the timing belt. He says that I can keep adding oil, but since it is leaking on the timing belt it "could" ruin my engine. I...
What is the costing to replace the timing belt at 105,000 miles and is there any other maintainence that should be done when do this.
My transmission regularly fails to shift from second to third gear, but will work when warmed up, usually. What would a replacement transmission cost if I couldn't repair the existing one. Thanks CJ
Just had a cold snap with snow here in Alabama, tried to start the car during the second day the car initially started then sputtered out when I placed in gear to drive. Subsequent attempts to start have resulted in f...
Dealer told me I should have the timing belt replaced due to age of car. Cost: $650 minimum. I'm 87 and may not be able to see to drive within year or so. Car has never been subjected to extreme temps. I hate to p...
Ignition key is not turning in lock core. Takes 1 minute of 20-30 turns before it gives a full turn and starts car.
Just recently with no specific cause my speed odometer went whacky sometimes working and sometimes just going in complete circles back and forth, when it is circling back and forth it advances the mileage meter as wel...
Problem occurs after car has been driven about 3 miles and is noticeable by a noise like a squeal. Noise stops when oil fill cap is removed. Car has 105,000 miles.
My tail gate door does lock and it can open but when lock is not too secure as in you can hear it moving back and fort as on the dashboard the trunk light always remains on and the trunk light if not switch off manual...
i have a 1998 volvo v70. The ck engine light is on,i had a smoke test done & the problem is the "shut off valve" aka the electric change over valve. Where is the valve located? Dealer wants $125.00 plus labor(125.00!!...
I took my car for emission inspection in PA and it failed due to codes in the computer (P0300, P0302, P0304, P0305, P0116). They told me I had to get it fixed and simply getting Auto Store to reset the Check Engine L...
I am trying to find instructions for replacing the front struts. Can someone led me the way. I have never done this and would like to learn.
Rebuilt vs New? Cost estimates thanks!
we have replaced fuel pump, which the garage said was the problem, but it won't stay started, or will but when shut off and turned back on right away, it won't start
how much does it cost to replace motot mounts and transmission mounts in the v70 volvo
Is there any filter in my Volvo V70's auto gearbox (AW XJS)or its a filter free type of auto transmission?
Does anyone know what the proper torque spec is for the volvo v70t engine connecting rod?
Displays on dash. Brakes checked OK. Mechanic thinks it might be a bad sensor but doesn't know how the cause.
There is a lot of front end noise when my car makes a turn and I believe the problem is with the front struts. I would like some sense of the replacement costs.
How hard is it to replace heater core on 1998 Volvo S70?