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The top radiator hose broke and caused it to run hot.I don't want to purchase a radiator if the sealant is not recommended for short term repair. I can't afford $2000 for a new motor and installtion.
The car overheated due to an animal strike that damaged the radiator. There is no water leaking after the repair but I lose about a quart of water after driving about 100 miles. Water isn't coming out so it has to b...
how do you setup the shifter sensor.
I just heard that our ABS pump may have gone bad on our Volvo Cross Country. We just had the transmission redone. Does anyone know what this should cost and what questions I should be asking? Also where can I get ...
Are there any problems I should be looking for?
Leaks about 1/2 qt oil every 600 miles. Seems to be coming from behind pulley. Cleaning/replacing breather out did not help. What should it cost to have leaks repaired. Non turbo '01, V70 Thanks
i've been told that it may be the Valve seal or torque seal leaking.I have no idea..Anyone ??
I can't add date for a service. Mac OS Lion Safari 5.13. Can't type in the text box. Can't open to select from the calendar when clicking on the calendar icon, either.
It seems that the fan is not turning on when i turn the key into the second position.
how to remove throttle body on 2001 volvo v70
Vehicle is spotless inside and out. It has all scheduled maintainance up to date and some. Owner recently replaced the rad due too a tiny leak. No accidents, no rust. I'm used to getting rid of vehicles with this kind...
I did fix a lots of things in my volvo v70 2.4t,replce the MAS,alternator,change the plugs and coil and much more all in a period of 5 months and I am still having a problem with RPM going up and down. the engine ligh...
Prior to this I was side swiped on the front right side pushing my car up onto the center median now also hitting the left side front tire. The right tire was sliced and $4400 on the repairs their insurance covered. P...
Who is best to purchase radiator from, onine or in person?
The tailgate won't stay up. I've priced the two gas struts (one on each side). How do I get to them to change them. It looks like they are in the roof.
105K. Adding a quart of oil every 900 miles, no visible leaks. No smoke coming out of the pulled oil dipstick with the engine running. What could it be? I read on some forums that a clogged or faulty PCV could be caus...
car ran hot until it shut down,upper( radiatator hose busted) now car has coolant leak on back side
Whenever I refuel my V70, gas comes gushing up/spilling out, shutting off the pump and it does not matter much HOW I arrange it and which gas station I use. Will eventually work, sometimes after five, six tries and wa...
problems with ac shuting off and dont come back on, abs light coming on, check engine light on, just bought car from tenn trying to get it inspected but fails cant license it here
it ramdonly wont turn over. sometimes it starts fine and other times it just clicks.
How do I fix the rear latch on 1999 r70v awd wagon. The latch locks ok but the warning light remains on
my car is running very rough, the code said random misfire and my engine light is blinking. What could be the poroblem
I am attempting to repair the hatch latch and need to remove the rear interior panel. I have the panel loose except for the plastic recessed panel where you can open the hatch from the inside. It appears that the tri...
I've Volvo 2002 V70, 88,000 miles. Temperature gauge, fuel, speedometer,, LCD gauges all crapped. They stopped working. They sometimes comeback for 5-15 minutes and stop. Nothing is working on the dashboard. I would l...
This volvo has 56k turbo is making a whining noise when idleing no oil leak should I replace now or wait awhile
AC starts out kind of cold but after a few mins it blows reg air. Where do I add the freon?