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I took my car for emission inspection in PA and it failed due to codes in the computer (P0300, P0302, P0304, P0305, P0116). They told me I had to get it fixed and simply getting Auto Store to reset the Check Engine L...
I am trying to find instructions for replacing the front struts. Can someone led me the way. I have never done this and would like to learn.
Rebuilt vs New? Cost estimates thanks!
we have replaced fuel pump, which the garage said was the problem, but it won't stay started, or will but when shut off and turned back on right away, it won't start
how much does it cost to replace motot mounts and transmission mounts in the v70 volvo
Is there any filter in my Volvo V70's auto gearbox (AW XJS)or its a filter free type of auto transmission?
Does anyone know what the proper torque spec is for the volvo v70t engine connecting rod?
Displays on dash. Brakes checked OK. Mechanic thinks it might be a bad sensor but doesn't know how the cause.
There is a lot of front end noise when my car makes a turn and I believe the problem is with the front struts. I would like some sense of the replacement costs.
How hard is it to replace heater core on 1998 Volvo S70?
The remote entry, dome lights and sunroof all stopped working
I have an opportunity to pick up the wagon for a very good price. Living in the northeast, I am curious as to how this vehicle is in the snow.
i have a Volvo V70xc crosscountry, when i start driving first thing during the day the transmision works perfect and when the car warms up, the transmision will start jerking and at time push the car so card as if som...
We have had a continuous problem that the Volvo dealer continually discounts as there is no connection. It is, that went the inside readout of the outside temperature (in the dash) shows the "snowflake" and/or with a...
The electric tailgate latch on my car used to work with the door key and the switch on the driver's door, then started working periodically, and now not at all. I now have to crawl over the back seat to lock it or rel...
we repaired a salvaged v70'98, but can not operate radio without "code". how do we bypass or change code, since not original owner, in another state??
I am NOT savvy with cars and stuff, although I am a handyman and have fixed various things in various cars before, but I don't know terms and part names like I would have to in order to be a "car repairman". All I do ...
How do I replace my front brake rotors? I have replaced the pads before really easy so I think the rotors should be just as easy. 2006 Volvo V70
what powers the immobilizer fuse it has no power key off or on nor running it has dtc p1008.p1053.p1081 but mil doesnt illuminate cat,evap and o2 monitors not set o2 sensors are working when i look at the scanner .....
Air unit runs ok until wheather temp is hot. Will run for 20-30 min and cut off. If turn unit "off" for approx 10 min, will work when turned back on, then will go off again. Unit does not have a diagnostic code.
Car would not start -this the first time. It first clicks but does not start. Battery seems OK -lights etc hoorn etc all work. Would like to know where starter motor is located & how to remove it? Any photos ? Reg...
we waqnt to bypass the heater core until winter due to finances. is the heater core on the drivers side?
transmission replacement
how mutch should this repair will cost replace the sunroof cables
Im would likt to know the best way to charge a volvo v70 battery
My V70 drives rough but the idel is ok, the check engine light is not on. It doesn't overheat. When in PARK I press the gas pedal it makes a rough (grrrrrrr)sound. When driving it makes the rough (grrrrrr) sound and d...