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The tailgate won't stay up. I've priced the two gas struts (one on each side). How do I get to them to change them. It looks like they are in the roof.

why wont seat go back all the way?

105K. Adding a quart of oil every 900 miles, no visible leaks. No smoke coming out of the pulled oil dipstick with the engine running. What could it be? I read on some forums that a clogged or faulty PCV could be causing oil loss, but then there would be smoke coming of the oil dipstick or the add-on oil cap. No blue smoke coming out the tailpipe neither. Mileage is good (30mpg when doing highway only).
How much does diagnosing a problem like this and what does it involve? Measuring cylinder pressure? Taking the engine apart and looking at oil rings, valve seals? I think the problem started after a modest fender bender after which I brought the car to a body shop to replace some stuff on the front (headlight, etc.). They must have had to remove some hoses, etc. and put them back after the body work. Could it be caused by the body shop not tightening some hose clamps or something as simple as that?

radio wont make sound, turns on though

car ran hot until it shut down,upper( radiatator hose busted) now car has coolant leak on back side

Whenever I refuel my V70, gas comes gushing up/spilling out, shutting off the pump and it does not matter much HOW I arrange it and which gas station I use. Will eventually work, sometimes after five, six tries and wasted gas on the ground, but is a weird hassle. Also, I have a check engine light on and the general code indicates a vacuum leak -- could this be connected? Replaced tank cap to rule this out as the check light cause.

Is there a source for a set of exploded drawings with each part name and number? Looking for the fog light vent trim and haven't seen it anywhere?

problems with ac shuting off and dont come back on, abs light coming on, check engine light on, just bought car from tenn trying to get it inspected but fails cant license it here

it ramdonly wont turn over. sometimes it starts fine and other times it just clicks.

How do I fix the rear latch on 1999 r70v awd wagon. The latch locks ok but the warning light remains on

my car is running very rough, the code said random misfire and my engine light is blinking. What could be the poroblem

I am attempting to repair the hatch latch and need to remove the rear interior panel. I have the panel loose except for the plastic recessed panel where you can open the hatch from the inside. It appears that the trim is in two separate parts, but does not seem to want to pull apart and I am afraid I might break something. Any advice?

Thank you.

I've Volvo 2002 V70, 88,000 miles. Temperature gauge, fuel, speedometer,, LCD gauges all crapped. They stopped working. They sometimes comeback for 5-15 minutes and stop. Nothing is working on the dashboard. I would like to know if anyone had this problem with volvo...and how much it costed to fix. Thanks!

This volvo has 56k turbo is making a whining noise when idleing no oil leak should I replace now or wait awhile

AC starts out kind of cold but after a few mins it blows reg air. Where do I add the freon?

Broken Driver Side Headlamp - would like to learn how to fix on my own.

the central electronic module quits and the entire inside of the car shuts down, the only thing that runs is the engine -low beam headlights-and brake lights. The electronic shifting also stops working.
The dealer says this is an intermitent issue and has no solution

Frequent P0410 OBD2. (PAIR) Air pump run ok if relay manually
opperated.. Have also changed realy.. ECU fail to energise it... (ECU Energises Vacume soleniod okay sas valve opens)

Vacume soleniod operates ok and opens sas valve.

I am completely in the dark now.

Can the O2 sensors contribut to this dilema.?

Any Advice would be greatly Appreciated..


My 1999 V70 (164K miles) needs a new fuel pump but in taking the old one out I broke one of the fuel line connectors. How easy is it to get replacements and also can they be fitted easily.

I am considering buying a used volvo, never had one before.
What should I be especially careful or aware of?
Is this a good choice?

Thanks for any help Robert

how do i measure the oil in my automatic transmission?

The car is an earlier model and I am puting it back together after overhauling the motor.

what type fluid for 5 speed automatic

Directions on how to replace a power steering pump, please.

car is making a sound on the left side of engine.sounds like a bearing from the turbo.the car drives and idles fine. please please help.e-mail

The mechanic at the dealership tells me my Volvo V70 has an oil leak and oil is getting on the timing belt. He says that I can keep adding oil, but since it is leaking on the timing belt it "could" ruin my engine. Is that true? If I do not address the leak will it ruin the engine because of timing belt?

What is the costing to replace the timing belt at 105,000 miles and is there any other maintainence that should be done when do this.

My transmission regularly fails to shift from second to third gear, but will work when warmed up, usually. What would a replacement transmission cost if I couldn't repair the existing one.
Thanks CJ

Just had a cold snap with snow here in Alabama, tried to start the car during the second day the car initially started then sputtered out when I placed in gear to drive. Subsequent attempts to start have resulted in failure with the engine never turning over. I have replaced the battery and just had the 110k interval service, all within the past maonth and a half.

Dealer told me I should have the timing belt replaced due to age of car. Cost: $650 minimum. I'm 87 and may not be able to see to drive within year or so. Car has never been subjected to extreme temps. I hate to put more money in what is a reliable car currently in xlnt condition. Please express opinions.