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The plastic fuel storage tank got few leaks underneath. Have to replace it. Found none locally in Puerto Rico. Please suggest where to find a new one or a good used one.
what will we have to do to fix it. is it a bad idea to drive it like this ?
it is very random. it used to only drop to zero when the temp was about 60 degrees or more, now it's happening more often at cooler temps.
It gives me a service alarm on the dash board even after my mechanic changed the startermotor and serviced it.Its just quite please help.acts like something blocking the flow of fuel.
When I first start to drive, RPM's go high, feels sluggish and wont barely go when I accelerate, once warmed up, drives fine. Or if i allow it to warm up b4 I drive, no problem.
Wife started car air didn't work. Told her to try again 30min it began working. What is going on with this car?
Recently, my 1999 V70 started losing power while driving. Would happen at any speed, rpm, temp etc. One (two?) cylinder(s) will randomly drop out and leave me crawling along until I can find a safe spot to pull over. ...
This happened without warning. My alarm light is off too and the alarm is sounding without warning at times. It has 95000k
Will not shift from park to drive when she first start up, unless it is started and have been idling for a while (so the engine / transmission fluids is warmer. What can she do to avoid this problem in the future?
What is the right step to investigate and clear these fault. My car can start and drive without problem.
Why is Reduced Engine Power coming on the info pad, and it blows out white smoke from the exhaust. Is this a bad turbo booster, or is it something simpler. This occurs intermitantly
I can start this vehicle, but after a while this Reduced Engine Power will show up on the info pad. the care will blow out white smoke, and while on is hard to start.
Hi guys, S80 Transmission gets stuck on 3rd gear and speedometer stops function. Is it electrical or mechanical issue? Any solutions?
I was driving and got on the highway & as I sped up my car started to make a rumbling noise as if the tire was flat. I was luckily (or I though lucky) to be near a Volvo dealer but I am now feeling like they are over ...
My car shifts into second when driving about 60mph. I try accelerating and letting go and it shifts into 3rd, but shifts into second again.
All of a sudden car wouldn't go loss of power slipping