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Will not shift from park to drive when she first start up, unless it is started and have been idling for a while (so the engine / transmission fluids is warmer. What can she do to avoid this problem in the future?
What is the right step to investigate and clear these fault. My car can start and drive without problem.
Hi guys, S80 Transmission gets stuck on 3rd gear and speedometer stops function. Is it electrical or mechanical issue? Any solutions?
All of a sudden car wouldn't go loss of power slipping
About every 5 seconds my card surges forward whether sitting still or coming to a stop. It sounds like it "revs" on a 5-second relay. It has 270,000 miles on it. I bought it used last year and have replaced many parts...
but it goes away at about 30 miles mph it picks up agin when it shifts in to 2nd geare at low speedonly
I own a volvo s80 2.9l 2000 the oil pressure warning pops up sometimes when i drive long distance. There is a tappit noise and we have not been able to verify what the problem is we changed the o-rings in the oil pan ...
Instrument panel is not working gas gauge doesn't work rpm gauge doesn't work mph doesn't work fuel gauge is working. warning light is not working . Seat belt light is on and check engine light comes on
If I start my car to warm it up, it smells really strong around my car of gas fumes and inside the car a little as well?
there is a rubbing noise, and the mechanic I went to thinks it is the awd system.
If I shut the car off, it will restart and act normal. the message center reads Engine system service required.
After turning off, the turbo fan normally runs, but recently it has not. Could this cause the heat to back up into passenger area and cause ice inside of car?
Is it difficult to install the seals in a 2001 Volvo S80
my name is Rod, and i been having this problem with my car. my car shake every time hit a speed bump, or pothole. it feels like the bottom of the car is going to come off. i want to change a couple parts but i don't k...
I want to have someone install a engine for me
I Have a 2004 Volvo s80 and its not shifting properly, however, it does still drive including in reverse. It Pulls but, barely and when the car is pulling off from a stop, it takes a while to accelerate and drives sl...