What is the most common reason for cruise control to not engage. Mine currently works intermittently and seems to work best when cold. Any information would be helpful.

Everytime It start but burns of eventually


It happens the 3rd times in the last 2 weeks. After driving the car for 45 minutes or more the engine stops and a message comes up on the left side of the dash "El.Power System Service Required"
After 15-30 minutes sitting on the side of the road it will start again and goes for another 20-30 min. and do it again. When it starts there is "0" message, no engine light on what so ever.
Any idea what could it be?

licen plait light not working

srs airbag replacement

I have a 2001 volvo s80 with a 2.9l. I resently put a new head gasket on it and a new timing belt on it. I put a new head gasket on it cause it was getting gas in the oil and i pulled the head off to check for cracks. Now that is back together it still gets gas in the oil and has no power. It will no start unless you unhook the mass air flow. While its running i hook the mass air flow flow back up and after about 5 mins itll cut out but will not die. And its a quick stall like for about 2 to 3 seconds. What could the problem be?

after car warms up it starts to reve as you drive and we have not been able to find anyone who can give us answers tha problem occurs every day and are no codes

i put a new head gasket and a new timing belt on a 2001 volvo s80 2.9l. It will start but itll only run for a few seconds amd it will die. Im afraid to keep trying to start it. What should i do and how can i get it to stay running?

This is the only code that appears. The car runs and shifts properly.

I have a 2001 S80 Volvo. Randomly my car will just "cut out" and I can no longer accelerate. RPM maxs at about 1500 when this happens. I then pull over, turn the car off, wait and minute, start the car again, and it is fine until the next time it occurs. Could be right away, or might not happen for the rest of the day. Anybody have any insight into this problem?

Does the speed sensor have to be removed when replacing passenger side strut also, what about the brake line leading to the caliper.. should it be disconnected and if so where? When you remove the 2 bolts holding the strut do you need to mark them in the position they are in and are they used to get caster and camber when you align the front end?

oil leak 100,000 mi

where is the oil pressure sensor and how is it replaced?

The fan kept running and drained the battery. Charged the battery, fan started running again, car would not crank. Disconnected fan with battery charged and car still will not crank.

I have always serviced and taken care of my car in a timely manner to avoid any serious problems. My car has 68,500 miles and I have had the fuel pump replaced 3 times. My check engine light went on about a week ago and I took it in to the dealer for service, mind you, I am under 100,000 mile warranty, certified and pre-owned. The three previous times I did not pay for fuel pump repair, however, now:

Cause: Performed diagnostics and scan for codes ECM-2900 Fuel pressure Faulty Signal Tech checked Duty Cycle 50.94% upon removing the left side pump te3ch found alot of sedement in the tank.

Correction: Tech cleaned the screen of the fuel pump cleared DTC codes and reset parameters customer is aware that when the check engine light comes back on a new fuel tank and pump will be needed. Cost $2006.98.

I only use Premium gas and now am being told after 3 pumps I have to pay for the forth, I feel this is a problem with the Fuel System itself.

Please advise on how I should handle this one. I feel like trading it in and getting something I can depend on.


Coolant leaks from under car, but engine doesn't overheat.

takes a few minutrs to blow cold

once the car warms up maybe 4 5 miles it feels its not getting gas plz text me at 937 397 6365

My car wont start, the fuses, starter and battery is good. when you turn the key the car will not crank and the wipers don't work. Any ideas

First, thank you to the professional who answers this question. I am seriously considering buying the mentioned Volvo and the owner says the transmission is stuck in 3rd. The owner is asking a fair price considering and the car is excellent shape otherwise. After doing some research I discovered some S80 models were equipped with a GM transmission that was not a great match. My question is, what all should I know prior to buying the car as far as addtional problems that could also arise with this particular model. Basically any info would be helpful.

The minute I turn on the engine the traction control light comes on. even if the car hasn't moved. This just started and it has 76,000 on the drive train. Turns off but the Traction control "OFF" message stays on. What gives ?

i was just wondering how serious is it to replace a fuel cap and the check engine light is on after the steering wheel was replace for the air bag how serious is that

Why all these people are complaining about S80? Maybe because they are waiting for the car to repair itself? Or maybe because they know only to drive a car in the ground? Complaining about quality? I'm driving also daily a '09 town car and 09' suburban and quality in these cars is worse that in my volvo (even if these cars are 10 years "younger"). That's a great car!!! I got mine 2 years ago, now it has 160K, i spent maybe 800$ (420 of them in a new set of tires). It looks like 9 of 10 and only because previous owner didn't care how he should. There aren't cars which will never broke, but more you care, more probability it will not.

Are they expensive to repair

replacing head gasket

The seat belt on the front seat passenger's side is stuck and will not come out. When I tried to pull it out it will not come out. What's the problem and fix?

My timing belt broke while I was driving, losss of power, rattle noise, then engine light on, no over heat or warning. Questions is my engine interfer or non-interfer type? or how much damage should I expect?

It started with an occasional ABS warning light. Unplug battery, and restart. May work 2 weeks, or 2 min. Then I got this Full Guard message?