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over and smells of gas have replaced cramk and cam sensor new spark plugs,how do i check if getting to much gas..? help thanks

window has fallen off track

It just stop working-light does not go on either.

On a smooth road at speeds over 30 or so, a rumbling noise is hear from the front end. (no vibrations or shaking, etc. -- just the noise.) It seems to increase in volume as the speed increases?


I found Hydrocarbon in my water reservoir,
dealer said there is no compression in cyl 3, and two others have low compression,dealer told me to replace engine
is it true?

My car wont pull off after waiting on stop lights,and the speedometer will just stop working. if I turn the car off and back on it will work just fine.Is this because the speed senors needs to be replaced?

The battery is charged starter is ok wont crank at all but when the #32 centeral electrical fuse pulled it will now crank but still won't start.

how to add transmission fluid to my volvo

my 1999 volvo S80 sedan starts with Y so then does that mean its not one of the recall volvo's?

Just purchased this car today and I love it, but the dealer only gave me one service key and I would like the master key, or two. Thank you for your time.

I have volvo, 1999 just boat it. when i checked, codes came out (p0432-p0422) I dont know what to do, can you give me some advise please???

can not get it to run period.


The L.front seat randomly "lays down". No known association with other actions. It is a programmable seat - is this more likely to be a switch problem, or a control module? Any other ideas? It's disconcerting and dangerous. Any help would be great!

Have a 2000 Volvo S80. The emission light has come on and it's states service urgent. After asking my Dad which is a mechanic about that he state that it may be a problem with me vacuum system. Air may be getting into the system that is causing the computer to read a necessity to check system. He also advised that I check all of my connecting hoses to my air filter to make sure it's secure. Well to my surprise, my air filter hose connecting to the front part of my vehicle(don't know name) but the hose connects to what seems to be the fan or grill in some way was loose. Well after connecting that still no luck. But I did notice a strange odor coming from my tail pipe along with droplets of water. What's causing these emissions problems? Anyone knows what's wrong?

I have had this happen many times once it was a burnt valve, so I had a new motor with low mile installed and ran fie for a year. Another time was a burnt valve again so I had the complete valve job done no holds barred. Many other time the check engine light would go off by itself. This time I have a check engine light and a rough idle?

keeps flashing no matter what speed im driving

My car's 4 speed (P-R-N-D-3-2-1)automatic transmission is not working properly it's slipping for R speed and making noisy jerks for any forward speed while shifting. Mileage is about 110,000. I am too much worried what to do next. A nearby mechanic says that it's some electronical fault and can be reset by vida-dice, while anotherone says that it should be opened and fully serviced. Can anybody help me with the right guidence, what I should do now. Is there any alternative transmission from any other car which can be fitted in my volvo model. Thanking in advance. (should I buy Volvo Vida-Dice from online e-bay? Would it be helpfull for me?)

This happens whenever i go around a corner or brake more than slightly.

The driver door window will not stay up when I use the electric up button. Window goes up but when it hits the top it automatically opens again. How can I reset the top position so it will stay shut?

This light has been coming on & off since April. My mechanic said it is an idiot lite and has no effect on the engine. It is annoying. How can I re-set it?

I drove down the street to the post office, went in and did not lock the doors, 2-3 minutes later, got in the car and it wouldn't start. the battery is fine, all the lights light up, but the engine won't start. It's locked up. Is there an alarm I need to shut off or something?

bought new tires Dobbs recommended replacement of struts. 150000 miles on car.

I have a replace the column switch on left side. no brights then replaced the right rear window reg and motor now no ac or radio

an estimate to see how much it would cost me to get fixed.

Driving on hwy and left rear door open light comes on. Stopped & made sure door closed. Continued on way, light cae on agn, then service air bag come on, then dash lights went off and air conditioning went off, 95 degrees outside & power windows would not work. Very hot inside auto. Pulled over and cut car off and got out to cool off. Let it sit for an hour & got back in, ignition switch didn't do anything but tried again and everything worked fine except service air bag light stayed on. Drove 200 miles home and everthing worked perfectly???

Loud whistling noise from engine after about 4 miles (very hot TEXAS weather). One mechanic thinks it might be the manifold. A Volvo forum suggests crankcase breather (or Vent Box).
This 2002 Volvo S80 is NOT a turbo.

replacement of head gasket due to lose of coolant

My car drives fine but I noticed that when I depressed hard on the accelarator I saw some white smoke from the exhaust. The car was not hot didn't drive any differently then the smoke stopped. I bought it used 104K the fuel pump was just changed from a recall could that cause the smoke problem?

I have two codes coming up preventing my car to pass emissions, the codes are: P0455 & P1633/ECM-510F. Is this going to be a hefty fix?