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I lost the remote and would like a duplicate of the car's key
The problem happens everytime the car's engine is cold. When the accelerater is pressed the car starts and stops then acts normal, until I stop and then start again.
Shifter is stuck in Park. I can't find the overide release button. Already tried pushing on brake many times. Tried restarting car many times. i need to overide this safety feature.
When cranking the engine the car seems to start, (e.g. engine sounds running) the RPM needle went up then slowly went down and die for 2,3 time then can't start any more Check all stuffs like fuel (of course full tan...
The head gasket blew in my 1999 volvo s80 and I am trying to find out what the total cost would be to fix the car. i need to know the cost of changing the head gasket parts and labor...
Just had my transmission replaced on my 2002 S80, with 173,000 miles. the car runs great, but now everything under the hood is louder from behind the wheel. When I start the car, I can hear the starter kick the engine...
Replaced both twice in a month. Still noise after a couple days, but not all the time and no difference hot or cold
I have no flashers, no control on the stearing, no high beam, no windshield washer. I wanna know where it is in my car and also the price for this part! Thanks
When car was undergoing state inspection of board computer would not give any reading to state diagnostic computer
Car has 71k miles and has been kept up. Car lived in new Hampshire until in Nov 2011 I brought it to VA Beach. I went to work one day, got done with to go leave and car would turn over but not start. So left it over n...
How do you un-connent the 2 connectors inside the gas tank when replacing the fuel pump? I have the old fuel pump out but when I reach into the gas tank I can't locate where the 2 connectors are? Please help!
Blower motor for fan not running. Will start up slowly then stop
The rear passenger door lock went first. It makes an exhausted motor sound and will not unlock, even manually. The front passenger lock recently stopped working also. It can be lock/unlocked manually.
you are driving home realize there is more wrong with it than when you put it in the shop. Missing nuts and bolts, cooling fan no longer works, rides rough, trunk torn apart, vacuum leak. This is just a sample of th...
Over the past 6 months, the window has been tempermental. Sometimes it goes down in one motion, other times it takes two or three depressions of the switch. This time it went down slowly and then I couldn't get the ...
This happens at various speeds, flat road and on incline, but usually around 45-50mph. Dealer couldn't reproduce results.
I took it all apart and did the head gasket as well since i had to take the head off anyway. just need to know how to line up the cams and crank to reinstall. no 1 cylinder at TDC?
Have to move the key to accessory and shift into neutral to start the car then I can use reverse and drive.
Headlights and turn signals do not work at all.
once the car it parked and i get back in it it regulates again
over and smells of gas have replaced cramk and cam sensor new spark plugs,how do i check if getting to much gas..? help thanks
window has fallen off track
It just stop working-light does not go on either. Thanks
On a smooth road at speeds over 30 or so, a rumbling noise is hear from the front end. (no vibrations or shaking, etc. -- just the noise.) It seems to increase in volume as the speed increases? Thanks.
I found Hydrocarbon in my water reservoir, dealer said there is no compression in cyl 3, and two others have low compression,dealer told me to replace engine is it true?
My car wont pull off after waiting on stop lights,and the speedometer will just stop working. if I turn the car off and back on it will work just fine.Is this because the speed senors needs to be replaced?
The battery is charged starter is ok wont crank at all but when the #32 centeral electrical fuse pulled it will now crank but still won't start.
how to add transmission fluid to my volvo
my 1999 volvo S80 sedan starts with Y so then does that mean its not one of the recall volvo's?