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antenna ring as anti-theft system does not seem to disengage.
Passenger side temp control knob froze in position.
Temperature control knob suddenly froze in position mid level preventing heat setting. No heat from drivers side vents. In extreme cold windows fog.
Sometimes when I come to a complete stop the engine stalls and the car switches to Weather mode on its own, does this have anything to do with the air distributor hose that cools the ecu?
I drive with my defrost on high because of the foggy window and by the time I get to wherever im going I need more antifreeze
I've changed the shifter knob, thinking that was the problem but it was not. Any other reasons why the key won't come out?
Wait 15 to 20 minutes it will start. Motor will turn over O.K.
I want to buy a car but the person said the water pump failed which cause a head gasket leak. The water pump was replaced and he added sealer to the coolent. Said the head gasket would need to be replaced soon. How mu...
engine turn over, but nothing happen, done an electrical ,check no positive feed to fuel pump relay, fine none, could be the imobllizer ,and what the fix. thanks
I have the heater on and when I turn on the defrost the AC comes on and blows cold air?
Heat blows out of driver's side vent but cold air blows out of passenger side
This is the 3rd time its happened. An usually will start later but this time. Seems like its nit getting gas
My driver door is locked and will not open. I need to know how to open it and what to replace
My drivers side door is stuck locked. It won't open from the inside or outside. I have taken the door panel off and tried releasing it but no luck . The rod has come off and the tip of plastic piece it hooks onto is...
Thinking the fuel relay need to be replace , can't locate it under the hood
driver side door is locked from the inside and outside. How do I GET THE PAWL TO RELEASE MANUALLY
driver door locked and won't release
the next time i started the car the check eng light came on and the car sputtered. The dash came back on and the car drove fine.. now its out again. The car has a lot of life left so help me fix er up..Thanks