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When I first start to drive, RPM's go high, feels sluggish and wont barely go when I accelerate, once warmed up, drives fine. Or if i allow it to warm up b4 I drive, no problem.
Wife started car air didn't work. Told her to try again 30min it began working. What is going on with this car?
I was able to pull the gear down to Nuetral and Drive and it will not go back up to park and i cannot get the Key out, what should i do to fix the problem?
Just had the software updated and before fixed the valve body on the tranny. After i got updated from the dealer it lasted good for two days then the first time I hit the freeway and went over 80mph it occurred again.
i checked all fuses on all 4 fuse boxes. i also changed the turn signal switch. 4 way flashers work wipers and the horn works. i also have no steering wheel controls
starts up fine will run for a minute, then shut off. when i start it back up, I have to keep the RPMs around 2-2.5 or it shuts down.
get a engine high temperature message and gauge is showing hot, but no leakage of coolant and also checked coolant level, it is good. also fan motor running after turn engine off
checked coolant and also cranked and ran, not blowing any steam or running like it is overheating. fan is running after shutdown.
Noticed that my Engine goes off when I'm in a hold-up. What could be the likely cause and Resolution please
Not hot air is or any air at all is coming out of the car's vents.
However the high beams, running and rear lights work but need to be turned off and on manually. I think I am going to be told this is a CEM gone bad but would like to hear from others if there is a way I can check for...
I have a 2004 S60 with 135k on it and I have maintained it regularly, using independent shops in the Denver Area for large jobs requiring special tools and have also made several electrical system repairs to it myself...
when the car is running it idels rough and wont accelerate when in gear or park top speed is about 18mph i put obd2 on it and said shift selanoid code
How do you remove the trans lines from the radiator have to replace the radiator Volvo S-60 2002 Thanks
when i put take off from a stop, the front wheels squeal, when I make a sharp turn the front wheels squeal. When I try stopping suddenly the feeling is as if the front brake pads are skipping over the part that he...
it was still running but very little power and the dash display read "slow down or shift up" I stopped turned off the car and when I started it and took off it ran normal for a few minutes then did the same thing. als...
To stop the blis light, stop the engine & start again. Should I change or repair the blis sensor?
The "normal service required" message began flashing just two days ago, To My Surprise....
i have changed front wheel bearings but still the same
AS stated above, at times when I go to start my car (cold or warm), It seems to struggle to turn over and at times it just fires right up. This has been going on now for 6 months, Till 2 days ago I was at the store a...