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it comes on and off m ore off than on volvo dealer said new dim would be 1200 installed.any help
Along with my timing belt on my 2001 volvo s60, what else should be replaced.?? The tensioner or idler? also is that called camshaft belt idler and belt tensioner?
I am looking into buying a 2005 s60 and the owner reported it needing a quart of oil in between oil changes. Is this common and does anyone know what may be the problem? It is not a turbo and the current owner does no...
When cool, the car will generally not start on the first turn of the key in the ignition. However on the 2nd try it starts right up. There are no issues with drivability once the car starts.
My Volvo has only 74500 miles. The instrument panel reads, "Service Transmission Urgent". Does this mean I will have to rebuild my transmission?
Recently my 2005 volvo S60 often makes noise while I'm driving it on the road. Someone told me probably the shock absorber needs to be replaced. Is it normal for a car with 69,000 miles to replace the shock absorber...
Engine dies mostly when at slow speeds and turning to either side. It has also died while coasting up to a stop and recently died just as I turned right and started to accelerate.
oil change with synthetic oil whqt should it cost as compared to regular oil?
I live in florida and do i have to have this and if so can i just replace the sensor not the entire converter and what is the average cost for the sensor to be replaced or the entire converter w/sensor?
I test drove a 2001 Volvo S 60 and the dealer said the overheat sensor was broken and the cars gage was just stuck on overheat; the engine seemed to be running hot. Is this a major problem?
When shifting from park to drive and reverse, car makes a loud clicking sound and jumps into gear. I thought it may be the transmission, however, a mechanic looked under the hood and said it was the motor mounts and p...
sometimes when i turn my tires squeel like i'm making a fast turn but i'm not. why are they squeeking like a hot rod car.
lock doors with remote or with key and alarm will go off for no reason
i waste coffee on my gear shifter and it will not go in gear sometime and can not take the key out.
car makes a hum noise when taking off an after every gear change but goes away after you reach a certain speed.
My car has been leaking coolant for the past 4 days. It has not over heated but it tells me i need to keep adding coolant.I need to know where it is leaking from but its not quite showing exactly where...Is it the rad...
front parking lights will not go off
The front of my volvo S60 appears to have failed. I was driving and I began to hear a rubbing sound on the front tire, driver side. I stopped the car and pushed on the hood it did not move, however when I attempted to...
Yesterday I drove into heavy rain puddles and my check engine light started to blink and my engine sounds strange, very little power.
Car has intermittent electrical issues, have been occurring sporadically over entire lifetime of car. Upgraded DIM and CEM software. Want to replace CEM (under emission warranty) but dealer won't unless there is an ...
Car rattles intermittitingly in the the morning for about 15 minutes while driving, then its gone til the next morning. I seems to comming from the passanger side front engine compartment.
Last night I heard the beginning of what I've learned should be a hard clicking noise from my front while making a turn. If it is my CV joints I want to change them out myself. Is there anything I need to know that m...
Does anyone know how to adjust the sunroof? Mine has the right front corner that pops up when driving and causes noise inside the car. my email is
what is the reason for the light to come on?
i was told it should be done at 100,000 miles ?????