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Hi, frustating situation! replaced 4 & 5 coils, 3 times all in one month! what is wrong, new spark plugs, new battery. Need info. spent too much money and need advise asap. thank you. not aftermarket parts too.
the car has been leaking was told by mechanice months ago need new raditor but it wasn't leaking bad. Now it's leaking bad and i was wondering if i could put stop leak in the expansion tank without causing harm.
I noticed that lately the high beams would turn on when using the left turn signal. Now, after using the left turn signal the dash lights went out and the guages stopped working. I checked the fuses and found all in g...
How to set the timing
timing belt replacement miles?
How to remove vallve cover
Hello to all, I have a 2007 S60T5, on which I just installed a high-flow intake from Eurosport Tuning. I drove the car with no problem for 2 days, after which check engine light and MAF code 101 appeared. I re-checke...
I have had problems with the passenger door lock not opening/closing, the passenger side mirror changing position upon locking/opening the car, the truck lock working/not working & the radio changing channels on its o...
When fueling car gas hand will not read full
I just brought my car in for and oil change and I was told I needed new rear sway bar links.
when idling the temp is fine, drive a short distance and car begins to overheat. Changed thermostat, didn't help. Any ideas?
i am looking to have my timing belt replaced and would like to know if there are other things that can be replaced at the same time to avoid additional labor costs. I have 135000 miles.
The car ventilation heater fan makes a noise like it is rubbing or a bearing is failing. How much will it cost to replace the fan?
How to remove front door interior panel?
sometimes the S60 will surge for a moment while driving. Could this be the timming belt
My 03 S60 will sometimes surge while running but foot is not on the gas
I have wrong fuel in the tank.what is the way to make emty tank
I have to add coolant every couple months but i don't see a leak, is there something i'm missing?
My 04 Volvo S60 has approx. 68,000 miles, has been maintained by the dealership and is great condition. However, every now and then I hear a low sounding rattle coming from somewhere under the right side of the vehic...
I have a 2003 Volvo S60...ocassionally the sunroof won't it didn't work in the AM, then later I tried it and it worked, then when I went to leave the car it wouldn't close...any tips? solutions? I don't ...
My 03 S60 died going down the road the other day but started right back up. Then a couple days latter went out to start it at the house but the car will not start. It cranks but acts like it is out of gas.
Is it okay to drive until I can get the car to the shop? The car is running cool and not overheating.
I have water in my power steering oil and need to flush and change with new oil
The other day I felt a pop in the seat back, and the lumbar support was gone, and the adjustment knob had no tension on it anymore. Does anyone know how to remove the seat cover so I can see what is going on.
My 2004 S60 makes a loud rubbing noise when I turn the vehicle sharply at low speed. The car has been well maintained and has 65K miles on it. The tires meet factory speks and has never been in an accident. The car...
I am about to purchase a 2004 S60, what are the maintenance costs of this car. I like the interiors and general performance when I did the test drive. Is it too costly to maintain?
I've been having a problem with the low-beam headlight, on the right side only. Every time I replace the bulb, very shortly it's out again, within about 2 weeks. So far I've replaced the bulb twice, thinking ok, may...
I want to know the best way to check wheel sensor to find which one is defect I took resistance nothing for front sensor
How do I turn off the light. Light came on after my boy filled it up with gas and didn't get the gas cap tight
Just took my volvo in for diagnosis. Oil is leaking. Tech told me I needed to replace cam seals, timming bel(oil had dripped onto belt) and water filter. Also concerned that PVC control is clogged, may have caused pro...