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when brakes are applied, a grinding sound occurs or a thump, thump, thump.I was told brakes are fine, that it was due to a previous owner who strongly applied parking brake. Does this sound right.The noise is particul...
A fan continues to run when the car is off . In the dash area .kills the battery overnight
The entire dashboard has gone dead, nothing works. Not the gas gage, speedometer or anything else on the dashboard. Radio and a.c. still work fine and all outside lights work great. Checked fuses and nothing is blown.
Read that it could be the pvc valve but can not find that part for the vehicle.
New tires an alignment/balance done. Tie Rods will soon need to be replaced. What else would cause a low humming whoop-whoop at low speeds... an a vibrations at 60 to 70 mph?
The problem is sporadic. I was told the alarm siren needed to be replaced at a cost of $614. Is it possible something else could be triggering the problem?
why the car doesn't pass inspection, and how I can turn it off.
el veiculo en cuestión patea loscambios asendentes y desendentes
I also had 4 rear driver side light bulbs replaced recently ?? Is there a short in the wiring ?
2006 S60: Car is squealing on driver side when turning right. I can hear rubbing noise at low speeds also on driver side. Possibly on P side as well Steering fluid is fine: green appearance. Rotors appear rusty coul...
my engine vibrate when brakes applied to slow down the vehicle
the transmission shifting and everthing working ok no defectcs in shifting
When I turn the wheel the strut twist making a popping noise similar to cv joints going bad,I was the car feels stiff and sturdy,one bolt is missing from the top of I need to buy the whole assembly? Or what...
the engine runs smooth but there is a knocking coming from the left side of the car when I accelerate or slow down.
Most of the time when I leave my vehicle for a while and get back in it and start it, my message center reads "alarm triggered, check car". I have also noticed my caution lights flashing for about five minutes, unless...
I paid almost $7,000. Had it two weeks.. Fuel pump and replacement-$600.. Now it misses when it idles.. I think this entire car needs to be replaced.. Worst mistake ever.. I hate it. It is a money trap..
just bought this vehicle... and want to check for potential maintenance needs
The dashboard says I need to service my transmission. A new engine was just installed on the car.The transmission fluid has been changed, but the problem continues. Do I have to buy another transmission or repair wh...
very hard to start in the morning,once started runs and start like new.the garage changed the gas pump and filter,then the fuel rail and injector,still no luck problem not fix.All that under waranty cause i just boug...
when replace struts volvo s60 2007reg need reset computer on the car or not,just onconnect old ones and connect new ones? Thanks
This happens when the car is started and while it is being driven.
Have progressed to unbolting existing lock and connected up the electrics but having trouble with dis-connecting cable.
My car is grinding when I turn corners and a bit when I take off. It could be the CV axle, but I want to be sure before I order a new one. How would I check that to be sure? Tie Rods seem tight. Could it be another is...
The car periodically will rev without power transfer to the wheels. This happens infrequently and without anything else being associated with the event. After stopping for a traffic light or when waiting to turn left...
There is an on board message center in the car. The message periodically reads "service alarm system." what service, if any is required?
It seems like there a draft coming at my knees is there a piece missing.