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About 2 weeks ago while driving my car just shut off. The Dash Message Read "Anti-Skid Service Required". After a few minutes a I got the car to start and drive about 20 feet and it stalled again. After trying to star...
in this price you are charging does it include the Radiator? like are you bringing your own radiator?
is getting stuck and it won't start. I was almost unable to get the key back to the position where I could remove it as it was sticking then also
daughter lives out of area, car started to act up, added 2 quarts of oil, this brought oil level up, reports it is running fine
the thermostat seems to work fine i have lots of heat ,i didn't know a LOW temp coolant would trigger a code could this be a sensor ?? any tips ,please and thank you
Lost power pullled over and towed
and reset lite
My brother brought me his s40 and said it has no reverse and wanted me to check it out. I opened up the trans and it smelled like gear oil so I asked him about it and he said he put gear oil in the front differential....
Only starts after car has been running for over 1/2 hour or so. May start sooner on a hot day and/or in constant traffic. Does not appear to come from the engine. Can hear it best in rear seating area, and sound...
Repair was made to gear selector problem and drove the car a short distance and it went dead. It is showing a P0603 code - but I've been told this could be a failed starter control module?? HELP
the terminals on my battery were cleaned, and now nothing in the car works no lights and wont turn on. however there is a clicking sound under the passenger side dash and a little light barley flashing???? help
Is there a special tool needed to replace the timing belt
cools for a little while then shuts off or blows hot can cut off a few minutes and then turn back on and its ccol again.
I was at a redlight and about to make a turn and the car just shut off. I did not see any warning lights on just the oil light/ car did come back on/ what should I do? It had never done that before
My block got flooded and my engine won't turn over. the water came up inside the car while I was trying to push it out of the water
diagnostics indicating the fault after new battery and new starter motor fitted, still wont start
sometimes stalls sometimes corrects itself getting code p0101 and p0326 have cleaned maf changed iac and map new iridium spark plugs any suggestions?fuel press 40psi