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MY car will not srart at all,the key turns but it do notmake a sound, some say check the wire to the starter, i just put a alternator on, ball joint on the front right .the problem is where is the starter located at, the guy thats working on my car cannot find the starter, is it the starter?someone please answer me. i miss my car,i need a wheel did it Sunday but now it willnot start at all

Recently i lost one of my car key, I need a duplicate ( manual) car key.

It looks car key is laser cut key, where can i get the duplicate laser cut car key? Is there any programming is required for duplicate manual car key?


The local shop that diagnosed Code P0015 talked about timing problem and said only Volvo dealership has a computer that can fix the problem. The Engine-light went out by itself when I started the car, but may come back on again perhaps. What exactly is this problem in plain English and how much should it cost approximately to have it at a Volvo dealership?
My thanks in advance.

Vibrations stpped after Engine Rubber-mount was re replaced. Now the car makes a vibrating diesel-type car noise.

I do not know if it is the ignition coil/coils, starter or what it is. I have to attempt several times before it starts.. I need help! ;-(

i have 2000 model S40 volvo car. the car do perform well early in the morning till around 1pm in the soo as the temperature rises its stops moving;until i allow it to rest for about one hour,before it will start moving again.and its been on like that for sometime now.please,what could be the problem.please assist. sunday orji.

This happened suddenly and the car is locked into neutral. I am uncertain as to whether this can be managed by removing the console to access the gear shifter. There appears to be some mechanical blockage to block shifting in either direction

My check engine light came on today with a message about the fuel cap being loose- I turned off the car, unscrewed it, retightened... it was definitely on tight enough. This happened about a year ago and after I did this, the light went away. This time the light did not go away. I also just had a major service done on my car in August. Wondering if it will go away on its own, if my car is safe to drive... I really can't afford a major problem right now.

02 Volvo S40, just replaced the struts and its still making that knocking noise when i hit a bumb or on un even surface what could be the reason

I had this code p0420 for almost 3 years, but the light goes ON and OFF so somehow i passed the emissions, but now it's getting closer again and don't know what to do. I guess it's a air leak, but any ideas how to find and where to look for a air leak? The other code p0299 i have no idea, it's for my turbo, but the turbo works most of the time and sometimes when i push the gas pedal down the turbo don't works, so i am assuming maybe it's a air leak that is causing this two error.
Thank you !

Hello, just purchased a 2009 volvo s40 with 30600. this car just had 30000 mile routine service with diagnostic at 30300 no issues.never driving a s40 before not sure if this is normal or if its another issue. if it was something serious would it show up on diagnostics. thankyou this is worring me since it is a used car. it is still under warrantee but wanted to be sure it was a problem dealer is one and a half hours awoy. thanks again, Rob

what type of transmission fluid and power steering fluid should i use on my car?
also if im putting in new transmission fluid, should i do a transmission fluid wash, is that nessasery since i dont know what exact oil was used before?

check engine light came on and had it checked and said cylinder 1 and 4 what does that mean

My car battery died. Once I jumped it, it now has a check alarm system notification on the dash. Is there any way to reset that notification? The nearest dealership is over an hour away.

My check engine light is on as well.

I noticed it a few weeks ago. When on the expressway I got to cruise and after a few minutes when when I needed to accelerate again I felt it in the gas pedal. It's getting worse. Now most of the time and the whole car shakes

The mechanic looked at it and could not figure exact cause. He said the transmission seemed fine that it could be a CV axle or a motor mount or transmission mount --but was baffled. They looked at it for 3 hours.

Mechanic took it out said It vibrates on acceleration. Not in neutral.

The vibration is more like a shudder/side to side wiggle.
any ideas?

I recently had an '00 S40 that was involved in crash (my wife is fine, car was totaled). I found another '00 S40...clean!!!! car with 165K miles, original owner (has all service paperwork done by Volvo or import garages), all the options/features. So, we've been communicating back and forth this week (nice lady) and she drops the bombshell on me that it was running rough (I drove it on Sunday for a short while, no problems), so after taking to the import garage, she gets leveled with "It needs a new head gasket and it'll cost $2K to fix". I made her a handshake deal on Sunday for $3200 (no money exchanged/no contract signed), and she said she needs to raise the price $1000 to re-coup her costs....I could meet her halfway at best by offering $3700 after repairs. Is this car worth it or do I need to be concerned about a warped engine? Should I shop it out for her to get a better price, or take a "deal" she could give me by buying it for $2200 (per what she said) and do the repairs myself - what I am looking at as far as time, tools, parts? I'm a novice mechanic, mind you, so I'm not sure what to do. By the way, she did mention that she had been putting coolant in it every so often and that a hose looked weak. Thanks!

Needs headlights, grille, front fenders, front bumper, windshield, passenger side air bag and possibly new radiator. Bought the car for $2200...will it cost more than that to fix it?

my label for park, drive, etc fell into the console. I thought if I removed the boot cover I could get into there.
Or do you know how to remove the console

you can hear it when I turn or go over bumps. straight driving is noise free. how can I diagnose the problem?

when started. no codes(code free). What is wrong? Electrical problem. All fuses good!

I have a lot of non-professional experience so I am not afraid to tackle it unless someone tells me it requires a pro due to certain techincal issues, etc. Thanks

I brought this car from dealer on 6/17/2011. I have 781** miles on it. My check engine light came on 15/17/2011. There was a message to check the gas cap (which I did) and the message disappeared but the light has remained on. Did someone know how long will this "Check Engine" light on?

when I start the car it takes a long time to actually start. It seems like up to a minute, although I did not time the duration. When it starts the motor is a rough idol. I recently replaced my plugs and wires, but this did not change the situation. A mechanic suggested turning the car on and off and on a few times to prime the fuel line, but this hasnt seemed to make a change. When it is running it runs fine on the road and at stop lights it idols smooth.

My 2004.5 Volvo S40 T5 driver's side rear door won't unlock with FOB key or manually. Please help.

so we replaced the Fuel pressure sensor and cleared the code but its the light came back on.. Ive don some research (which is pretty hard to do with these dang volvo's lol) and it could be a clogged fuel line, bad filter, or may need a whole new pump :( any answers or advice for me?! It'd be much appreciated.. ohh and the milage is at 73K I've only had her for a few weeks and the light turned on an hour after I signed the papers :(

I have a left rear brake light out and was wandering the easiest way to fix, i have been told i have to replace the entire assembly

How do I know if the oi is leaking at the turbo? Also how much would it cost to repair this?

I just change my battery and requesting the radio code.

we have lack of power when regualur gas is run and the cooling fan and tewp gauge not working