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A few weeks ago my s40 had store diagnostic trouble codes P0014 and P0015. The "check engine" light won't stay off. The dealer wasn't able to solve the light problem. Please help.
My daughter has replaced the fuel pump and filter. The car now starts, but immediately dies. What else could it be?
the blower motor seems to have a mind of it own. speeding up and slowing down randomly in the munal mode as well as the automatic mode.I unplugged the blower motor resistor and plugged it back in and the blower wouldn...
After the first snow fall just yesterday, my wiper arm came loose or seemed to slip a gear on the driver side. When turning the wipers on the passenger side move in full motion where as the driver side fights to move ...
how much will it be for part and labor for an ignition switch?
i feel my car jerking and sometimes feels hard to drive. please advice
I thought the dial may have broke I was testing the blower motor and the 25amp fuse blew out now none of my conotrols work the heater defroster heated seats stopped working the fuse is good is there a fuseable link or...
my alarm is not working. I checked the fuse did not see one for the alarm. can the alarm be reset if so how
The heat works sometimes. When I set the temperature, sometimes the heat will come on and sometimes there is no heat even if I set the temperature all the way up. It always works when I take it to the shop and never ...
when i turn on my car i have to press on the gas for it to stay on, as soon as i remove my foot off the gas in shuts off. my husband replaced the mass air flow sensor and battery but it didnt help. Now we are getting ...
it occurs ever time i turn the car off. the key wont come out of the ignition. I try play with the key.make sure the car is in park.
ecm 28 - keeps comming back i replaced front o2 rear o2 - checked for intake and exhaust leaks none found
Charged around $45 for oil and filter service using semi synthetic oil and labor of around $30. Isn't that too excessive?
I was informed since it's considered a "luxury" car, I had to get the synthetic oil which costs much more than the regular oil.
interior fan blows only at full speed, switch does not adjust it
checked dipstick and oil level was 4 inches above full line!! drained off excess to get correct reading on stick. would too much oil cause leakage when driving and would it cause the check engine light to come on ?
would following auto stores have equipment to check this? Auto Zone Advanced Auto Parts or Orielly Auto parts My email:
can automatic trans be adjusted
how do I bolt or attatch battery to car and connectors?
I recently have a mechanic replaced my 2001 Volvo S40 catalytic converter (with an aftermarket parts, not original). When I got the car back, oil leak is evident wherever I parked, whenever I take it for a drive. The...
I just had new another motor and another tarnsimmison in my volvo 2001 S40 but the car now does not move if you put the car on D or R nothing happens what can be the problem and the trans was tested and it was good
car misses at idle but runs fine at higher rpms or in nuetral
how do i fix
My back passenger floorboard is allways wet. I have no idea why. I haven't spilled anything and I have no leaks. Whats up ?
My A/C sometimes will not work, especially on hot days. On colder days however, my A/C will work perfectly though it isn't much needed. On hot hot days when i need it most, it just blows hot air. HELP!
My car has done 200000k's , meticulously maintained, and looks and feels like a new one. Recently the engine management light would come one (now stays on), and on acceleration (especially uphill) the car "lunges" as ...
When I drive my car for a while and I go from going like 40mile and reduce to 10miles then try to go to more miles the transmission jumps or like bucks foward feels like Im being pushed foward.The buck is really hard ...
When my engine warms up, I smell oil and when I put the windows down a little to get fresh air, the smell comes in more. I can't find any leaks. The car only has 34K miles.
The shift lever on our 2000 Volvo S40 occasionally (not regularly) gets stuck in Park so that turning the key won't start the ignition. The car "thinks" that it isn't in Park. We can jiggle the lever and eventually ...
How much will it cost to replace the crankshaft seal on a 2002 Volvo S40? It is Leaking fluid somewhere around the timing belt. I was told it could be the oil pump or the crankshaft seal.