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It occurs sometimes when I try to start the car. It acts like a dead battery and won't start.
after a cold start, I hear a rumbling/crackling noise from the left front of the car when the car is moving very slowly (5mph when I don't press the gas and slowly moving forward). I do not hear any noise when going ...
When the engine is cold, The car turns over and starts right away-you turn the key and it right away starts up. When the engine is warm, I turn the key and it will make that RRRR sound from 4-8 times before starting. ...
My car takes ti time to start also leaks oil when car heats up
Tires seem to wear too fast and then cause vibrations that cannot be balanced to stop the vibrations.
It seems to happen more under harder acceleration. Check engine flashes when it happens. I replaced fuel filter. Advance autos scan would not read code.
What is a transmission sensor and what does it do and how does it work in the vehcile.
I think I may have located the low presure valve to recharge the refridgerant for my a/c but I am still unsure. Would the cap say "M6Nm" in the cap dust cover?
If possible if there is a diagram for it?
Texas 95 degrees-air conditioner works great-then it starts blowing out recycled air. Smells weird and after awhile it will start blowing cold air---then it will blow warm air again. It did it 3 times yesterday. I w...
Car goes dead after starting, will not idle or goes dead when you put into drive.
Check engine light came on and flashing arrow
I have tried to have my car pass DMV inspection and it has failed five times. I took my car to the dealer to have it ready for inspection. I paid $5,000 in repairs that they said were needed to pass inspection and it ...
not rough, but can hear engine running while driving not quiet. Is 102K alot of miles for this car? how many miles can I expect before start having problems?
The car has 102K, engine looks very clean, drives nice, litle white exhaust at start up then went away after test drive
Please my volvo s40 is not too fine, Whenever i want to move i make sure i press the throttle well to make the engine high befor moving sometimes when you press the throttle it will just be idlling as if you never eve...
At 116K on a Volvo S40 1.9T, per Volvo, what scheduled maintance should be done to the car? And how much will it cost me to do the repairs?
timing belt was allegedly changed recently as well as the sprocket and water pump .. also, i took it to get the code read to one place and they said the ODB2 connection does NOT work?!! meanwhile the place I got it fr...
I noticed the rpm's take a while to catch up today the car started shaking i smell rubber and the car is not excelerating what problem could this be?
the front right passenger side makes a really loud grinding/squeaky noise when turning the wheels back and forth regardless if the car is moving or not... kinda like a really loud squeaking door hinge
only can turn key in ignition far enough on to start electrical items cannot turn key all the way to start car
i need to know how much torque should i apply to the header bolts since i replaced the headers
3 wires going to cooling fan, 1 hot, 1 ground, 1 small wire... I've tried ground and 12 volts to small wire and fan still not working... I installed a new fan assy, and still does not work. any clues would be apriciated