Only starts after car has been running for over 1/2 hour or so. May start sooner on a hot day and/or in constant traffic.

Does not appear to come from the engine.

Can hear it best in rear seating area, and sounds like it's coming from under the console back there.

Can hear from outside, sounds like it's coming from under the car.

Repair was made to gear selector problem and drove the car a short distance and it went dead. It is showing a P0603 code - but I've been told this could be a failed starter control module?? HELP

the terminals on my battery were cleaned, and now nothing in the car works no lights and wont turn on. however there is a clicking sound under the passenger side dash and a little light barley flashing???? help

Is there a special tool needed to replace the timing belt

I am having water pooling in the drivers side rear passenger floor board
And the front passenger floor board

I see from the posts that there is a tube from the sunroof
It might be clogged

How can I find this tube and possibly unclog it

I am a amateur at car repair

If this isn't the problem is their something easy that I
Can check to help solve this problem

Thank you for the help

Trying to find a replacement part

While driving, happens more and more frequent (4 or 5 times today), if I shut of a/c for a few mins and turn back on it works like normal for a little while

Car is stuck in park gear.

cools for a little while then shuts off or blows hot air.you can cut off a few minutes and then turn back on and its ccol again.

brake sensor

I saw previous answer referencing the blower box. How do i access it. I have no idea where it or the cabin filter is located.

I can see where coolant is leaking from two hoses and took it in to be serviced. The est. came back at just over $900 to repair the Gasket-Thermostat, hoses, and coolant system service w/ extended life. Is this all necessary. I guess what I'm asking, does the gasket/thermostat need to be replaced if the collant is leaking from the hoses?

It was working fine before I replaced the battery with another CR 2450 battery. Now, it doesn't work at all. Please help.

Dear experts I have a 2002 Volvo s40 turbo runs and drives find but the engine oil is mixing with the antifreeze the engine oil itself stays clean only going to the antifreze need advice plz my email is Dave.pooh@hotmail.com thank you

Dear experts I have a 2002 Volvo s40 turbo it runs and drives perfect> no oveheating either the engine oil is clean but the problem is the engine oil is mixing with the antifreeze and like I said the engine oil stay normal need advice plz really appreciate thx

I had the serpitine belt replaced because it broke along with the timing belt and its components but car still wont hold pressure. Does that auto matically mean its valves and or pistons are out or could be something else. When serpentine belt broke I heard it and stopped right away.

I was at a redlight and about to make a turn and the car just shut off. I did not see any warning lights on just the oil light/ car did come back on/ what should I do? It had never done that before

car runs fine, but I don't feel any boost or hear the turbo whine.

115,000 miles replaced crank/cam shaft seals, timing belt, water pump, valve, still leaks small amount of oil near front passenger side.

Any idea what could be wrong with it? It's a 2007 Volvo s40.

I bought a 100K miles Volvo s40 2004 and have diferent issues: Hard start ( almost 15 seconds to start), when in cool ( after nightrest, teh engine sounds no good until down revs to 0 but did not switch off next the engine keep in 300 or 400 rpm), smell oil or gas it´s hard to say, but smells something, the arrow light ( winter) start to intermitent flashing when its running ( last night when I put reverse, the trasmition box move hard and start the arrow light flashing ( intermitent), when start the air conditioned the car rev´s put down until switch off the engine ( this is consecuence of the 300-400 rpm on the odometer, i think!!). thanks for the help....

I took my 04 Volvo S40 to a Volvo expert to find out why my car's A/C would not go from off to on. He scanned the vehicle with VCT-2000 diagnostic and found code CC-007D and CCM-000A. He recommended replacing the evaporator temp sensor and the damper motor. Is this correct or do I just need to fix the A/C switch?

About once a month, I will go out and try to start my car and the only thing that happens is all the idiot lights come on, radio works, heat, etc. There is no clicking sounds at all. If I wait an hour or so, the car will usually start. Any suggestions on what could be causing this? Is my starting going bad?? Battery issues?? Thanks for any help. Debbie

Not really car smart after about 5 mins a little oil but very slow leak?

and now there is a grinding noise coming from the clutch housing when on tick over

The car has a manual gearbox. i cannot move the lever past the reverse stop on the gate.

When pushing the a/c button from off to on, the light does not switch over to on and the a/c does not come on. Please help.

When the car is running, the blower is always on. Whether dialed to Auto, 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 the fan sounds like it is running at the 4 level. If I turn the switch to 5, the AC, recirculate and rear defrost lights flash. Is this a thermostat issue?

Hey everyone I've recently been having some issues with my headlights. I have a 2005 Volvo S40 2.4i that came stock with Xenon lights. Question number one.... I've had to replace my headlights 2 times in the past 3 years, am I buying the wrong bulbs? I dont know if theres a difference between Bi xenon and HID lights and when the stock ones went out I switched them with D2S bulbs from (Meng motorsports). Anyway the first time they went out I put in D2S bulbs and they worked great, no conversion kit needed. I just swapped bulbs and it was golden. 2 years went by and the bulb exploded again so I changed them with the same bulbs as the first time. They worked fine for about a year and just recently I've be driving and my lights or just one light will flicker and shut off. All I would have to do to fix it is turn the lights to the off position and then back on and they worked fine for about 10 to 20 more minutes. Even more recently however its been getting worse. The trick of shutting them off and back on only works for a minute or two before it fails again. I've tried to disassemble the light and shake wires looking for a looking for a loose connection but to no prevail. One thing I noticed is a weird humming sound that is interrupted when that fail. If anyone has any knowledge on what the cause is I would really appreciate it. Whether its the ignitors, the ballasts or the bulbs Id love some help!



A few days ago, I came out of a mall and the flashers were going off. I unlocked the car, thought that I mistakenly hit the panic button and proceeded to start it. Then, the flashers started again. The horn started honking and the screen said "crash mode". After that, I turned it off and on again and it flipped from crash mode to "valet mode". Turned it off and on again and proceeded to try to drive home. About a mile in, it stopped on me, went to crash mode and I called triple a.

While parked outside my house, the alarm and flashers started going off again due to no apparent reason. I have since disconnected the battery.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?