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My block got flooded and my engine won't turn over. the water came up inside the car while I was trying to push it out of the water
I understand the panel is under the dash in the s40
diagnostics indicating the fault after new battery and new starter motor fitted, still wont start
sometimes stalls sometimes corrects itself getting code p0101 and p0326 have cleaned maf changed iac and map new iridium spark plugs any suggestions?fuel press 40psi
Is this normal,even when the key is in the off position?
an my fasher turn on my gas door open on off
Trying to find out cylinders in my car so that I can look up estimates.
putting my key in ignition and trying to start but nothing happens! then i switch ignition off and try again and it works but sometimes it takes 3-4 trys befor it will start??? its a 2.0 diesel volvo s40 55 plate.
What is the location of "Impact Sensor B Pillar Right" and what does it look like?
I own a 2006 s40i with 73K miles. When I am pulling out or starting off at low speeds and then break ( like at a stop sign) I hear a pop noise after I depress the break pedal? What could be the cause? it occurs all t...
Check all fuses and relays the fan would surge sometimes and as soon as you stop the fan on the radiator would come on But now nothing works
I just swapped out the motor and replaced the starter, lights come onalthough one headlight seems to be brighter than the other, but car won't crank any ideas as to what the problem could be. The codes have been clear...
my Volvo s40 2.5l with turbo (2006) the car will be fine in the morning but when its hot out the car wont shift into drive ill put it in drive but it wont shift into it and when im driving itll be in drive but then ge...
my oil light is on and I just did an engine swap please help
engine light just came on yesterday with 80 regree weather. misfire code cyl 2.Happened last year during the summer also. Ran great all winter and not sure why it happens in the warm weather? Volvo s40 1.9 turbo with ...
When I turn the key in the ignition it takes forever for the car to actually start. Then it either dies or acts like its gonna die, even when I'm giving it gas. Usually only happens when I originally start the car, th...
I'm also looking for a decent auto shop in the area that won't rip me off but isn't shady.
replaced idle control valve ,coolant tem p sensor no help .no codes at OBS show Mod 1 and Mod 30 not worwing could be ECM bad.removed idle control valve with sw on valve does not move to open voltaje dc aprox .9...
My car is stuck on park and will not select any gears. The car starts with no problems.
have replaced maf and map sensors, some vacuum lines, fuel filter, 02 sensors and looking. idles inconsistent, stalls, misfires, hesitates and chokes when steping on the gas pedal. Greatful for any ideas!!!
cant find alarm 2 disaable it thought was under the battery but its not
cost of valve cover gasket replacement
Car became sluggish. When I stopped and checked under thee hood, there was oil thrown all over the engine. What could this be and how much to fix? The car has 140,000 miles on it check engine light is on
how much should i pay for this check srvice
test states bad cam sensor or timing
it is hard to start after it sits for 5-10 mins helps to give it some gas while cranking
I have not looked at the codes yet it just happened last night.