The impact totaled my car the passenger side air bag deployed but not the drivers

About 2 weeks ago while driving my car just shut off. The Dash Message Read "Anti-Skid Service Required". After a few minutes a I got the car to start and drive about 20 feet and it stalled again. After trying to start it a few times, it got to the point where it wouldn't stay on at all. When taken to a mechanic he gave me these codes:

P0172, P2227, P0455 And P1719

He told me that the Air Flow sensor would keep it running. The Air Flow Sensor was replaced which the part itself costed $240. The car ran good for a little less than a week. Yesterday during a snow storm, the car stalled again with the same message. The car would not stay started and rattled a little bit. Any ideas?

i had the engine light on. i fixed the mass air flow sensor. but the engine is still on.

I was told car may need a new starter also told it could be the cylinoid. Dont know anything about need help!!!

Was working fine and now does not crank over no sound at all battery is new
Got codes P0014 - P0015

in this price you are charging does it include the Radiator? like are you bringing your own radiator?

Repair man said that all valves were warped but could be fixed and no piston damage, after having it for a month now they said that the entire engine may need swapped. What does this sound like to you and what kind of money are we looking at?

my son is going to drive his Volvo s40 1000 miles and we are trying to decide if we need to do the timing belt first. Plus the shop quoted us replacement for TB tensioner pulley, TB idler pulley, frnt crankshaft seal, water pump, thermostate and access drive belts. Do I need to do all this which is over $1300.

is getting stuck and it won't start. I was almost unable to get the key back to the position where I could remove it as it was sticking then also

Just changed my radiator through my intercooler system, and now when i start my car it works fine if my foot stays on the gas but the second i move my foot the car stalls. I had no hang ups in replacing the radiator i had a damaged hose to the overflow tank but took care of that too, I am thinking that maybe one of the vacuum hoses are not on tight enough? It never had a hint of a problem before this and i just started it and moved my car right before i started working on it. Its my only car right now so any advice would be helpful!!!

If i use D it works but if i change it to manual, it still on D and dont make any change can you helpme,

No smoke, or oil leak. Just replaced TRT UF303T ignition coil. Check engine light was off for the first 100 miles and back again. Mechanic said its the turbo and very expensive to replace.

My keyfob batteries have been replaced, it is not the batteries. If car gets locked (from inside lock button), cannot unlock doors from outside with key fob NOR key. Likewise, trunk will not unlock. If I do lock my car from inside (on accident now), I cannot physically get back in without calling a tow truck for Lockout Service. SUGGESTIONS would be appreciated

daughter lives out of area, car started to act up, added 2 quarts of oil, this brought oil level up, reports it is running fine

the thermostat seems to work fine i have lots of heat ,i didn't know a LOW temp coolant would trigger a code could this be a sensor ?? any tips ,please and thank you

Timing belt cameoffwhilr driving

Lost power pullled over and towed

windows, or cental locking.

and reset lite

There are no OBD codes as I have fixed and gotten rid of all the codes that came up. I replaced the timing belt and accessories and timing is dead on, starter is good, alternator is good, battery is good, fuel system is good, replaced many sensors and cleared many codes. Cleared: P0017, P0102, P0122, P0302, P0304, P0314, P0335, P0341, P0351, P0365, P0366, and a few more I had on another list I can't find. The only one I haven't cleared is P0650. Help please because this is our only car and it has been down for 3 weeks now and my wife is chronically ill and I have to be able to take her to her doctor's appointments and for her tests and we have been having to reschedule so I can try to fix this car. Thanks!

My brother brought me his s40 and said it has no reverse and wanted me to check it out. I opened up the trans and it smelled like gear oil so I asked him about it and he said he put gear oil in the front differential. WTF! I explained to him how this transaxle works and he said woops. I rebuilt the valve body and replaced two solenoids that were bad, flushed it out and replaced the fluid. The car was now trying to go into reverse, so I put it through the gears and kept checking the fluid until it was full and tried again. I put it in drive and it worked fine, I put it in reverse and the rpms dropped but would not move, except for a feeble attempt. I put it in park checked the fluid, put in in reverse and it went forward, not backward. It now has no drive, only goes forward in reverse. How do I trouble shoot the the computer and the gear selector to find the problem. The problem isn't the cable.