rattling noise in rear when driving over even small bumps - what could it be - I thought it might be a loose muffler but it appears fine -I can't even jiggle it. The rattle noise has gotten louder over the last 2 weeks. Could this be damagerous?

My email address is tpersley@gmail.com I would appreciate
any help to fix the water leak in my volvo

our volvo has been leaking water under the driver and passenger seats vents runs into the back and it is like a
little pool on your feet please help.

our volvo has a leak coming under the seats through
the vents please help it has been leaking for about 1 year

What's the estimated cost of replacing the motor mounts?

Just discovered behind the passenger seat floor is sopping wet. Took the floor mat out and trying to air dry the area - I have no idea what has caused this - we have had a huge amount of rain lately and the car is parked in driveway (no garage). Any help would be appreciated.

Could someone tell me where to locate the air conditioner drain line for a 2006 S40 Volvo

Just under 85K miles on car. A couple of nights ago I suddenly lost power and acceleration. Dash said "reduced engine performance". I pulled over, shut engine off and started it again. Light was off, and everything appeared back to normal - temporarily. Problem reappeared almost immediately. Found air intake hose loose both top and bottom. Looked like it was damaged at last oil change. Crack in it on the bottom. Temporarily fixed by applying duct tape, and reattaching hose securely. Performance immediately improved greatly; more responsive at slightest tap of accelerator, and light was again out. It ran great for the next 15 miles, then suddenly the same problem reappeared. It has the "feel" of a dirty fuel filter, but I don't understand how that could cause such a sudden change...? Help please! The car is no longer under warranty and I cannot afford a huge dealer bill, chasing what appears to be a very illusive problem.

it a 2000 s40 it hard starting and rev up to 4000 rpms and the rpms won't come down

Everytime I go to shut my 2006 Volvo S40 off the key no longer wants to come out. If I fiddle with it for 15 - 20 minutes it'll come out. I have tried reparking the car, turning the steering wheel, moving the wheels, backing up the car a little, moving it forward, truning the car on and off, and it is a royal pain. I have talked to the dealership and other repair shops and they all want $500 - 700 to put in a new switch. There has to be something to this as there are others that are having the same issues. Is there any recall on this? Can someone please help me get this fixed without pulling $500 - 700 out my butt???


how do myou get the valve cover of took all the bolt out still isnt coming off??

after driving for a while then stopping and putting car into park the accelerator sticks. accelerator also sticks at times while driving.

How much should I expect to pay for valve job? Also when I had new battery installed the air bag light came on, the shop claimed it was on when I came in.

My check engine light is on so I had it diagnosed. The mechanic didn't give me the code but he says I have an air leak somewhere. It was at 12.5%. My s40 is burning more fuel than usual and I can smell fuel inside the cabin. I also have a hard start. Is my car falling apart? mileage is at 147500. Seems like I'm losing power also.

How does one clean a throttle body on a 2006 volvo s40 I'm willing to try but I don't want to make matters worse, Help PLEASE. Dana

The check engine light is back on after replacing the oxygen sensors and driving 40 miles. Now what???

I've been told that these should be done together to save double labor cost.

When I put the key into the ignition, the headlights and dashboard lights light up...But when I try and start the engine---the headlights and dashboard lights just flicker on and off and engine will not start?

everything comes on when I turn key but car will not start. happened twice since saturday, this time car did not start, both times the message box said something about see manual about the immobilizer. If the keys have to be recoded to the car is this something that is covered under some warranty of the vehicle.

Regardless of what mode or fan speed, I believe it may be associated with the temp control thermostat

after 2000rpm the car fails to accelerate and and check engine light goes on. THE SCANNER CODE SHOWS THROTTLE POSITION PROBLEMS

the recovery coolant tank cracked since it's been sealed but now the car knocks when i have the car running. can i drive it to the shop or not?

A metal clanging rattling noise toward the right front around firewall when hitting any bumps or sometimes when applying slight pressure to the brakes. By applying solid pressure to the brakes the noise will stop. Letting off brake pressure abruptly will sometimes cause the clank immediately when pressure is released. Then it resumes just intermittently and constant when on rough roads. It seems to be brake related but I'm not sure. Applying solid pressure to the brakes is the only way to make it stop.

My air blower will not turn of when the car is on by simply turning the knobs to off. I can adjust the temperature but it runs on full blast the entire time the car is running. what is wrong and how can i fix it?

The weather here recently has been awful (blizzard-like conditions and lots of ice). My Volvo sat for several days un-started and when I went to start it, it wouldn't. I jumped it, got it to the dealer, and they replaced my battery. Since then, however, my car will not heat up. The blower does not blow at all. Any ideas before I dish out some more cash for a ridiculously expensive dealer repair and maintenance?

I was trying to slow down from 35 to make a right turn and my break peddal made a popping sound and my breaks went out completly and had to drive home useing the E break. What would be the cause and how would i fix this?

Got a tune up on fri now car will not go when gas peddle is pushed, but it will idel. Is there a difference between a t5 tune up and a plain s40.... could it be the pump electronic module?

Check engine light went on about two weeks ago, I went to the mechanic to check it out and he told me it was the reading the fuel pump sensor was bad (code p091). He told me he would call with an estimate, the next day the light went away. Today my car would not start as if it needed gas, I took it back to the same mechanic he plugged it and the same code appeared. Now I don't know if I should just replace the sensor and see what happens. Is the replacement a simple unplug and plug? sensor is about $200.

I have about 87,000 miles on this car and lately, when I turn on the heater or the ac switch, nothing happens. Could it be the fan itself or the switch. When I turn the ac, I can hear the ac condenser comes on but no air coming out of the vent, same thing as the heater.
Thank you for any input or suggestion on this problem.


Had to order a control arm for car, part came in labled right side husband says should say left. I say its a foreign car and they drive on the opposite side of road. Who is right? Is the passenger side the left or right side of a volvo