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Would like to replace rear wiper.thanks so much
My car stopped blowing cold air. I bought a can of freon with a gauge on it. I tried to pump the freon in but nothing went in. The compressor is coming on but the freon is not going.
part number for drive shaft
are these serious? are they easy fixes? thanks for your time
A new battery was put in less than a year ago and thankfully still under warranty. It recently went dead without any warning lights until the very last minute and it went dead. Took it to a mechanic who put in the n...
After cranking about 20 seconds it 'coughs' but doesn't start. If my battery is fully charged and I can repeat this about 3 or 4 times it usually sputters like mad then smooths out and is running fine. It doesn't seem...
leaking near serpentine belt, alldouwn by passenger side. could it be pcv system?
My low beam headlight will flicker and go off, if i shut the car off and start it back up they work again. sometime it the right and sometime it the left side. only once has both went out at the same time.
I had to disconnect my battery,now I need too reprogram my stereo.I can't remember how to do it.I do remember it being simple.
I had to disconnect my battery.I can't remember how to reprogram my stereo.Can someone tell me how to do it,I remember it not being too hard to do.
When left flasher or hazards are on computer warns me driver door is open and driver door lock becomes unusable. If I lock it manually the alarm goes off but if I signal a left turn the alarm comes on again. The alarm...
Is there a tag or stamp on the engine or in the bay?Also where the is the cabin air filter?
I was driving down the motorway and the engine just died, it started up a couple of times after that but it seems soon as the turbo kicked in the engine would die and I would have no throttle or anything, some please ...
i get up too 60mphs on the highway and it jerks like there is not enough air getting to the engine or something. please tell me its not cat!!? car has 177,000 miles on.
Emission code P0015
mechanic said turbocharger blew out, oil in many areas, cylinder #4 misfiring. Can plugs, plug wires be replaced, and turbocharger removed and still operate care safely? engine is running very smoothly. Only reason ...
I'd like to know where this fuel pressure regulator is located, and about what it looks like. The Site says it's the fuel pressure regulator or the vacuum line attached to it that is causing it to have starting proble...