takes a few minutrs to blow cold

How do I reset the service light indicating time for maintenance on a 2006 Volvo?

The vehicle starts right up but will cut off while driving it will start to shake and then cuts off. Turn the key and the engine starts again drive for a while and the car cuts off no lights come on telling me there is a problem

I checked the hose to the wastegate and also applied air pressure to the hose and was able to verify that the wastegate was functioning properly. Is there a by-pass valve and or diaphragm on the boost side of the turbo where the pressure hose attaches to from the control valve?

I need to replace the rear shocks on my Volvo wagon, do I also need to replace the front struts? I live in Queens, NY and the roads are really rutted and bumpy here.

My local garage reset my check engine light in the hope of passing smog. According to the smog check driving just 50 miles will not complete the drive cycle. Please tell what drive cycle I have to matter how crazy please inform me. Thanks

I've been told that these should be done together to save double labor cost.

When I put the key into the ignition, the headlights and dashboard lights light up...But when I try and start the engine---the headlights and dashboard lights just flicker on and off and engine will not start?

does the 740 has exhause valve seal like intake seal

I have been driving my car back and forth between Bend and Springfield every weekend for about 6 months. When arriving back in Bend this last Sunday, I tried to get the car up the driveway after a heavy snowfall. I tried three seperate times letting the car rock back and forth to try to get past the slick spot. The third time my check engine light came on and an arrow light blinks. Now, I can turn the car over and it acts like its going to start but will lurch (for lack of a better word) and then die. What have I done? Can it be fixed? Will it be expensive?
Thank you,

The rediator was replace but coolant continues to link.

What options are there for battery replacement in the 2005 Volvo XC-70?

The car will need a (new) water pump, timing belt kit, serpentine belt, turbo using oil-leaks inside, been told it needs replaced, can it be rebuilt? please supply cost as needed. I'm not looking for any free lunch. New to area and looking fo a good tech,

Transmission went bad in 2008 and now the light comes on and I need a new transmission.

Also has An SRS light which I was told had an inherent issue with the seat belt sensor ground. Can it be tested or will the have to be replaced until l I find the bad one if that's the case? Thank you

won t start dealer says bad fuel pump

everything comes on when I turn key but car will not start. happened twice since saturday, this time car did not start, both times the message box said something about see manual about the immobilizer. If the keys have to be recoded to the car is this something that is covered under some warranty of the vehicle.

once the car warms up maybe 4 5 miles it feels its not getting gas plz text me at 937 397 6365

My car wont start, the fuses, starter and battery is good. when you turn the key the car will not crank and the wipers don't work. Any ideas

I am looking to buy a 1999 volvo v70xc, the owner says it has no compression in cylinder number four, how much is this going to cost me to fix and is it worth buying this vehicle? vehicle has 125,000 miles on it.

Any photos/instructions for angle gear/coupler replacement

I recently had a turbocharger replaced, and noticed the engine light on when I picked up the car. I thought nothing of it since I figured the work engaged the light, and the car had been test-driven. It drove nicely and the mechanics know this car. A few days later, when accelarating up a snowy driveway, the car stalled. Never happened in 12 years. Started right up again. Same thing happened another night. Forgot about it until yesterday, car suddenly stalled while in motion, after accelerating. Started right up again. Went here and saw this airflow sensor issue come up! I always keep tank at least half full, but the fuel filter is due for replacement. 212K miles. Am I possibly looking at a mass airflow sensor? Thank you for any help! Total time frame with this issue is about 4 weeks.

The dealership states:
"breather box is restricted will require breather box, hoses, seals, and gaskets along with oil pan reseal for $1727."
Car has 100500 miles.
I can't find information about a breather box. Does this sound right?
Thanks in advance.

The car has 150k miles on it. It starts and idles fine but it just is so slow or sluggish until it reaches cruising speed then it's fine. It occurs everytime I start to drive the car. Any suggestions?

Regardless of what mode or fan speed, I believe it may be associated with the temp control thermostat

how do i measure the oil in my automatic transmission?

The car is an earlier model and I am puting it back together after overhauling the motor.

How hard is it to replace the front motor mounts on a Volvo S70 1998.( Non Turbo )

I live in NJ would this be covered by the current recall.

While driving the car, the steering wheel will sometimes not turn, or it is very hard to turn.