Service light stays on for first 10 minutes of driving. The car running fine until yesterday car stalled out completely/all power off and I pulled over to side in time. I had just started the car 3 minutes before and the car had been sitting in parking garage all day. The car restarted immediately and then on the way home it sputtered a bit once and that was it. Today started right away and didn't stall out on 10 minute ride. What could this be? The car has 330k on it and has a great strong engine. Thanks!

check engine light to illuminate,code P0116

My air blower will not turn of when the car is on by simply turning the knobs to off. I can adjust the temperature but it runs on full blast the entire time the car is running. what is wrong and how can i fix it?

Vehicle's ignition switch will not go beyond the accessory point while trying to turn the vehicle on with the key. Had to have vehicle towed. Is the vehicle ignition switch the most common problem when this occurs?

I am due for my 45K mile service. What should be done at this point? Also, what can I expect from an expense standpoint for brakes and rotors if needed?

car is making a sound on the left side of engine.sounds like a bearing from the turbo.the car drives and idles fine. please please help.e-mail carman4u2000@yahoo.com

The minute I turn on the engine the traction control light comes on. even if the car hasn't moved. This just started and it has 76,000 on the drive train. Turns off but the Traction control "OFF" message stays on. What gives ?

I noticed my reserve tank for coolant hasnt been holding coolant--I saw a small what looks like a pipe line leaking from under the car--but the other day my car was smoking after i put the heat on--it was coming from under the hood--all of my coolant then flushed out from under car too--Im wondering what could it be?

The mechanic at the dealership tells me my Volvo V70 has an oil leak and oil is getting on the timing belt. He says that I can keep adding oil, but since it is leaking on the timing belt it "could" ruin my engine. Is that true? If I do not address the leak will it ruin the engine because of timing belt?

occurs randomly, wondering if it could be a clogged fuel filter or something else?

not sure i tryed taking the dash appart but i would have to take the steering wheel off

how do i time the drivers window regulator, thought motor was bad .removed to replace an found regulator was out of time.how do i set it up so window goes up evenly

Using coolant and don't see a leak.

My Cooling fan between the radiator and the block will not turn off unless i disconnect it. How do i fix this

i have a leak on a coolant line that runs along the right side of the engine under the intake manifold.the leak is at a bracket that bolts the coolant line(metal) to the block. the line starts at the lower radiator hose engine connection, continues along side the engine and around the back to a rubber hose that goes through fire wall.the leak is close to a nipple on the coolant line where a rubber hose is connected and loops to a box that the oil filter screws on. metal coolant line needs repair or replaced. how?

how much would it cost to replace a radiator in this type od car?

1999 volvo c70 passenger door wont lock or unlock using switch neither will trunk or gas tank door using switches on drivers door

The weather here recently has been awful (blizzard-like conditions and lots of ice). My Volvo sat for several days un-started and when I went to start it, it wouldn't. I jumped it, got it to the dealer, and they replaced my battery. Since then, however, my car will not heat up. The blower does not blow at all. Any ideas before I dish out some more cash for a ridiculously expensive dealer repair and maintenance?

In a 1999 Volvo C70 convertible the light on the switch that operates the convertible top stays on what is wrong?

I was trying to slow down from 35 to make a right turn and my break peddal made a popping sound and my breaks went out completly and had to drive home useing the E break. What would be the cause and how would i fix this?

Got a tune up on fri now car will not go when gas peddle is pushed, but it will idel. Is there a difference between a t5 tune up and a plain s40.... could it be the pump electronic module?

Teeth are missing from flex plate won't start. I would like to know the procedure of removing the trans. to replace the flex plate. Diagram and step by step if possible, thank you.

The car was parked and a plow hit it headon. The next day it won't start so I try too jump starting it nogood. I checked the fuses all good,I changed the spark plugs still noting

The front passengers side window only works with the driver side control, the rear passenger window doesnt open, and the side mirror control doesnt work for the passengers side. Ive checked all 3 fuse boxes, whats wrong?

need piece top portion of windshield molding, where can I find?

i was just wondering how serious is it to replace a fuel cap and the check engine light is on after the steering wheel was replace for the air bag how serious is that

Check engine light went on about two weeks ago, I went to the mechanic to check it out and he told me it was the reading the fuel pump sensor was bad (code p091). He told me he would call with an estimate, the next day the light went away. Today my car would not start as if it needed gas, I took it back to the same mechanic he plugged it and the same code appeared. Now I don't know if I should just replace the sensor and see what happens. Is the replacement a simple unplug and plug? sensor is about $200.

Hi, frustating situation! replaced 4 & 5 coils, 3 times all in one month! what is wrong, new spark plugs, new battery. Need info. spent too much money and need advise asap. thank you. not aftermarket parts too.

my husban has 2006 c70 volvo. he gave his extra keys and now the will not remove from ignition

I have about 87,000 miles on this car and lately, when I turn on the heater or the ac switch, nothing happens. Could it be the fan itself or the switch. When I turn the ac, I can hear the ac condenser comes on but no air coming out of the vent, same thing as the heater.
Thank you for any input or suggestion on this problem.