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car stalls out when accelerating from stop sign/ far have retimed,dist cap,rotor,plugs,wires,coil,fuelpressure reg. also car struggles going uphill. at a loss. any halp would be grately appreciated. thank you

The fan kept running and drained the battery. Charged the battery, fan started running again, car would not crank. Disconnected fan with battery charged and car still will not crank.

I have always serviced and taken care of my car in a timely manner to avoid any serious problems. My car has 68,500 miles and I have had the fuel pump replaced 3 times. My check engine light went on about a week ago and I took it in to the dealer for service, mind you, I am under 100,000 mile warranty, certified and pre-owned. The three previous times I did not pay for fuel pump repair, however, now:

Cause: Performed diagnostics and scan for codes ECM-2900 Fuel pressure Faulty Signal Tech checked Duty Cycle 50.94% upon removing the left side pump te3ch found alot of sedement in the tank.

Correction: Tech cleaned the screen of the fuel pump cleared DTC codes and reset parameters customer is aware that when the check engine light comes back on a new fuel tank and pump will be needed. Cost $2006.98.

I only use Premium gas and now am being told after 3 pumps I have to pay for the forth, I feel this is a problem with the Fuel System itself.

Please advise on how I should handle this one. I feel like trading it in and getting something I can depend on.


Coolant leaks from under car, but engine doesn't overheat.

I have a hissing sound and whistle from (a braking) component. Reason, when I step (press) on the brake pedal the noises stop. Any clue as to what this is. It sounds like an air leak.

I have had my s70 to several shops and now it is down to the #1 cylinder has no compression. How much and how long do you think it would take to replace a benr valve

I have a coolant leak that begin last summer. The volvo dealership did a pressure check said the bottle was not leaking and replaced the resorvior then two months later it started leaking out again, they then replace the hose, and did not charge me for labor only 15.00 for the hose. This last step of changing the hose worked for about 7 months now I'm no longer living in VA, I'm in Houston and the coolant is now leaking out again at a more alarming rate. If I fill it up it may last up to 10 miles before the light comes on. There is no coolant on the ground dont know where it is leaking out too. I'm now told it must be a gasket. I need to know your opinon on this and how much am I looking at to fix this coolant problem. It has never over heated because I've alway put coolant in it when the light comes on. Please advise, can I have best case and worse case senerio and what you really think. Please also advise on what you would do.I need and love this car, but I've been unemployed for 7 months and have very little funds everyday is a stuggle to feed the family.

The check engine light is back on after replacing the oxygen sensors and driving 40 miles. Now what???

What procedure should I follow to start a 1990 Volvo 240 that has been sitting, garaged, for three years? It has 37,000 miles on it.

My mother inlaw had someone work on her 96 volvo 960 a few days ago and for reasons unknown this person pulled all the vacuum lines off and could not remember how or where to hook the vacuum lines back up. Now her car boges down bad from a dead stop.The air used to blow cold. Now you can hear the air come on and blow but nothing blows inside the car. I'm worried she is going to pull out in front of somebody and get hit due to the car boging down.


the location the powertrain control module

what causes the car to pop when i hit the gas

Frequent P0410 OBD2. (PAIR) Air pump run ok if relay manually
opperated.. Have also changed realy.. ECU fail to energise it... (ECU Energises Vacume soleniod okay sas valve opens)

Vacume soleniod operates ok and opens sas valve.

I am completely in the dark now.

Can the O2 sensors contribut to this dilema.?

Any Advice would be greatly Appreciated..


I have a 2002 Volvo V40. It recently developed a problem where all I get is hot air no matter where the climate control is set. The fan control works fine, but even when I have it off I feel the hot air while driving on the freeway. The air is cold for a few minutes until the car warms up. The air stays hot even when the AC is turned on. If I turn the AC on right away, before the car warms up, it works. I have also noticed that if I am idling at a stop light the hot air decreases, then increases again when I accelerate. I have already replaced the climate control unit with a used one, which took care of the erratic blower fan speed. I also had a new resistor pack installed last summer. I also checked the damper control motor and arm and confirmed that is works when I adjust the temp control. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thank you

My 1999 V70 (164K miles) needs a new fuel pump but in taking the old one out I broke one of the fuel line connectors. How easy is it to get replacements and also can they be fitted easily.

I was on the interstate when my car gradually started to slow down. So when i finally came to a stop. The car died. It dont start right up. Starts after an hour of hitting the gas. And the RPM want go over 3. Only go 20 mph when driving. I changed the spark plugs. I thought maybe bad gas. So put a gas treatment. Engine light is on. have codes 0901,0903, 0905 And i have no clue whats going on???? PLEASE HELP ME....

I am considering buying a used volvo, never had one before.
What should I be especially careful or aware of?
Is this a good choice?

Thanks for any help Robert

Need new compresor and want to replace it.

Cannot change any function with A/C/ Heat. Replaced the in dashA/C Heat control with no change. Is there a relay or anything that can be checked?

takes a few minutrs to blow cold

How do I reset the service light indicating time for maintenance on a 2006 Volvo?

The vehicle starts right up but will cut off while driving it will start to shake and then cuts off. Turn the key and the engine starts again drive for a while and the car cuts off no lights come on telling me there is a problem

I checked the hose to the wastegate and also applied air pressure to the hose and was able to verify that the wastegate was functioning properly. Is there a by-pass valve and or diaphragm on the boost side of the turbo where the pressure hose attaches to from the control valve?

I need to replace the rear shocks on my Volvo wagon, do I also need to replace the front struts? I live in Queens, NY and the roads are really rutted and bumpy here.

My local garage reset my check engine light in the hope of passing smog. According to the smog check driving just 50 miles will not complete the drive cycle. Please tell what drive cycle I have to matter how crazy please inform me. Thanks

I've been told that these should be done together to save double labor cost.

When I put the key into the ignition, the headlights and dashboard lights light up...But when I try and start the engine---the headlights and dashboard lights just flicker on and off and engine will not start?

does the 740 has exhause valve seal like intake seal

I have been driving my car back and forth between Bend and Springfield every weekend for about 6 months. When arriving back in Bend this last Sunday, I tried to get the car up the driveway after a heavy snowfall. I tried three seperate times letting the car rock back and forth to try to get past the slick spot. The third time my check engine light came on and an arrow light blinks. Now, I can turn the car over and it acts like its going to start but will lurch (for lack of a better word) and then die. What have I done? Can it be fixed? Will it be expensive?
Thank you,