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I have a 2001 S80 Volvo. Randomly my car will just "cut out" and I can no longer accelerate. RPM maxs at about 1500 when this happens. I then pull over, turn the car off, wait and minute, start the car again, and it is fine until the next time it occurs. Could be right away, or might not happen for the rest of the day. Anybody have any insight into this problem?

code indicate my volvo 969 1997 has evaparitive emission system problem.. mechanic suggested to change gas cap and performed the task but code still appears after he's reset code. how the 960 1997 evap emission look like?

just was given this car,it sat for 6 months prior. when you first start it up it runs rough, the rpms fluctuate. then when you put it in drive it hesitates for a few seconds, then clears up and runs great,even at stops,no problems. but if you shut it off even for a few minutes, the same thing happens. i changed plugs & fluids because it had been sitting for awhile.not sure why it does this at starts

When I shut down heating system it continues to blow hot air.

how to replace hub assembly on 2004 volvo s60

Does the speed sensor have to be removed when replacing passenger side strut also, what about the brake line leading to the caliper.. should it be disconnected and if so where? When you remove the 2 bolts holding the strut do you need to mark them in the position they are in and are they used to get caster and camber when you align the front end?

after 1.5 - hrs of travel [city/highway no diff]

Generally runs well, but idles very, very rough when warm.

Mechanic ran codes said it was mass air flow meter/sensor. Changed it . Ran well for 1 mile then cut completly off. able to restart and limp home. What else could it be/ confused. Appreciate any help!

The repair facility said possible head gasket for an oil leak. Is it necessary to replace head gasket, or can I just keep a check on the oil level?

Is this just for basic maintanance?What would this entail?

Where can I find the timing mark on the above car? Also, any other help in setting the timing is appreciated.

significant wind noise approaching higher speeds--appears to be coming from the windshield area. is a prob on our 98 as well.

My car's AWD quits working. What could possibly be wrong by most accounts? I was told the OIL Pump needs to be replaced. I thought oil pump functions in circulating oil to lubricate engine components. What's that got to do with kicking in the AWD? Sorry, I just probably am so naive about car mechanics.

whirring sound (like a sqeaking belt) coming from the engine when engine is warm and in idle, and stops (or diminshes considerably) when accelerating. The check engine light is on. Any ideas before I take it to the dealer?

oil leak 100,000 mi

My check engine light came on and my car just died while I was driving it. I have a 2005 XC90 Volvo. I bought an extended warranty that covers replacing the fuel pump if needed, but I'm being told it's the Fuel Modulator or Fuel Module that is bad and they have to take out the interior of my car to replace it. So they are charging me for this at the tune of $800+. The dealer said when they are in there they can check the Fuel Pump and if it's bad replace it under the warrantly. What I want to know is where is this Fuel Modulator - is it part of the Fuel Pump? Or is it a "sensor" and if it goes bad does that mean the fuel pump is bad too? Can they just replace the pump and not replace the Fuel Module? I was told by the dealer "the fuel module is not sending us a signal so we know it's bad " (it's not covered under my warranty). Can you tell me what a Fuel Module is and how much does it cost and do they normally breakdown because the Fuel Pump breaks down first? Which goes first??? Thank you.

Got an '88 Volvo 740 wagon, about 250K miles, oil is blowing out past the oil cap. No pcv valve to replace. How do I fix this?

Only happens after car is warmed up. When auto is cold it operates perfectly.

where is the oil pressure sensor and how is it replaced?

How does one clean a throttle body on a 2006 volvo s40 I'm willing to try but I don't want to make matters worse, Help PLEASE. Dana

I was told that I need a new transmission for my V70-XC. It has 107,000 and 2 repair shops said the fluid is dirty. However, one says that I need a new transmission, the other says I need to replace the valve body. What should I do?

Receiving message time for regular service checkup and also multiple lights failure. Would either of these cause the car to shutdown. I was driving on the interstate when the multiple light failure kept flashing rapidly showing low beam, once I exited it was the low beam and care shut off but restarted immediately.

in addition to my previous question. today i was searching the data link connector and ine #2 port received a very strange response. it was steady constant flashing and i could hear a clicking sound coming from the throttle body it happened three different times in the 2nd mode testing, when i unpluged the probe there was still a clicking from the throttle body. now am very confused.

Car began slowing rapidly when coasting without applying the brakes. Noticed after 10 mile drive. Left front disk sizzling hot. Others cool.

Just noticed after 10 mile drive. Car slows down quickly without coasting. Felt all disks when I got home. All but the left front disk was relatively cool. Left front sizzling hot. How do I unsieze? How far can I drive this to a mechanic if I can't repair/relace myself?

I lived in VA and my coolant evaporated, I took it to a Volvo repair shop they changed the reservoir
Did a pressure check and the container itself was not leaking. About 3 months later the coolant
Light came back on and I took it back to the shop and this time they replaced the hose and did not charge me for labor only 15.00 for the hose. Now 7 months later I’m no longer living in VA. I now live in Houston and the coolant is evaporating at an alarming rate. Before I could put coolant in there every two days now if I drive 15 miles the coolant light is on. The coolant in not running on the ground don’t know where it is going. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how much I’m looking at to fix this problem for my Volvo c-70. I love this car but don’t have very much money, I’ve been job searching unsuccessfully for 8 months. Can you give me best and worse case scenario

car stalls out when accelerating from stop sign/ far have retimed,dist cap,rotor,plugs,wires,coil,fuelpressure reg. also car struggles going uphill. at a loss. any halp would be grately appreciated. thank you

The fan kept running and drained the battery. Charged the battery, fan started running again, car would not crank. Disconnected fan with battery charged and car still will not crank.

I have always serviced and taken care of my car in a timely manner to avoid any serious problems. My car has 68,500 miles and I have had the fuel pump replaced 3 times. My check engine light went on about a week ago and I took it in to the dealer for service, mind you, I am under 100,000 mile warranty, certified and pre-owned. The three previous times I did not pay for fuel pump repair, however, now:

Cause: Performed diagnostics and scan for codes ECM-2900 Fuel pressure Faulty Signal Tech checked Duty Cycle 50.94% upon removing the left side pump te3ch found alot of sedement in the tank.

Correction: Tech cleaned the screen of the fuel pump cleared DTC codes and reset parameters customer is aware that when the check engine light comes back on a new fuel tank and pump will be needed. Cost $2006.98.

I only use Premium gas and now am being told after 3 pumps I have to pay for the forth, I feel this is a problem with the Fuel System itself.

Please advise on how I should handle this one. I feel like trading it in and getting something I can depend on.