i was just wondering how serious is it to replace a fuel cap and the check engine light is on after the steering wheel was replace for the air bag how serious is that

Check engine light went on about two weeks ago, I went to the mechanic to check it out and he told me it was the reading the fuel pump sensor was bad (code p091). He told me he would call with an estimate, the next day the light went away. Today my car would not start as if it needed gas, I took it back to the same mechanic he plugged it and the same code appeared. Now I don't know if I should just replace the sensor and see what happens. Is the replacement a simple unplug and plug? sensor is about $200.

Hi, frustating situation! replaced 4 & 5 coils, 3 times all in one month! what is wrong, new spark plugs, new battery. Need info. spent too much money and need advise asap. thank you. not aftermarket parts too.

my husban has 2006 c70 volvo. he gave his extra keys and now the will not remove from ignition

I have about 87,000 miles on this car and lately, when I turn on the heater or the ac switch, nothing happens. Could it be the fan itself or the switch. When I turn the ac, I can hear the ac condenser comes on but no air coming out of the vent, same thing as the heater.
Thank you for any input or suggestion on this problem.


Why all these people are complaining about S80? Maybe because they are waiting for the car to repair itself? Or maybe because they know only to drive a car in the ground? Complaining about quality? I'm driving also daily a '09 town car and 09' suburban and quality in these cars is worse that in my volvo (even if these cars are 10 years "younger"). That's a great car!!! I got mine 2 years ago, now it has 160K, i spent maybe 800$ (420 of them in a new set of tires). It looks like 9 of 10 and only because previous owner didn't care how he should. There aren't cars which will never broke, but more you care, more probability it will not.

how do you clean throttle body

It always starts eventually but it never used to do this before. If the car has been driven and warmed up then it will start right away. It is only after it has been sitting that it will not turn over right away without pressing on the accelerator.

I just changed the upper and lower o2 sensor and the check engine light is still on........what might be the alternative problem?

the oil leaks from the top of the engine into the spark plug causing misfire. i want to know what might cause this to happen and how i can fix it.


I can't shift into park.
Driver door won't open from out side.

the car has been leaking was told by mechanice months ago need new raditor but it wasn't leaking bad. Now it's leaking bad and i was wondering if i could put stop leak in the expansion tank without causing harm.

When the car has been sitting awhile especially while it is cold it does not want to start right away. The fault in the automatic gearbox light comes on but then the car will finally start after hesitation. When the car is driven and warmed up, starting it is not a problem. The vehicle only has 88000 miles on it.

When I push softly on the brake to slow down, the steering wheel shakes. It does not do it of I push hard or stop quickly.

Will I need to temp. remove power steering pump to get at the old alternator?

drivers side seat belt not working. fuse is ok email avis.smothers@gmail.com

Car will not start. Has a new battery, checked to make sure it is getting spark...and even replaced old plugs - needed new ones anyway...checked and the car is getting gas.

Not sure where to turn, I have a new bat, spark and it's getting gas.

The car will just turn over but never fire.

Any ideas what to check next?


i am buying a used car 210000 miles for 500.00 good condition great deal doors haven't opened for a while but it was single owner so no big deal

Are they expensive to repair

I noticed that lately the high beams would turn on when using the left turn signal. Now, after using the left turn signal the dash lights went out and the guages stopped working. I checked the fuses and found all in good condition. What can cause the dash to power down?

Had to order a control arm for car, part came in labled right side husband says should say left. I say its a foreign car and they drive on the opposite side of road. Who is right? Is the passenger side the left or right side of a volvo

Whats white smoke coming out of muffler mean.. Not over heating....just started how much for repair

My ignition key will not pass 1 to start car. The car is in park. Ignition key will not turn to start. Any suggestions to solove problem?

I need a tune up to pass inspection. I was wondering what the average price is foe this service.

How to set the timing

This problem was uncovered due to the rear crank seal leeking. Once the timing belt and timing belt drive were removed I found the seal had been driven out of its seat an 1/8". I could move the crank shaft axially about 3/16", nothing radially. I then pulled out the oil pump and could see that the crank shaft had been rubbing on the oil pump housing. I then removed the oil pan and can see the starter ring gear is rubbing on the front of the engine block. Is there some spacer bushing that was not installed, I can't see anything in parts book. Why would the crank shaft move this much axially?

timing belt replacement miles?

My 05 s-40 had problems in the very beginning with the radio and each time they would do a software upgrade. Years later small little problems have occurred such as the temp. gage not accurate the seat sensor not reading someone seating. Now the car just wont turn on took it to a mechanic he said it's the computer. Does anyone know how much the normally runs to fix?

CHECK ENG LITE COMES ON checked codes and comes up with cam position accuator b bank 1 timing over advance also has other code that reads over retard