My car wont start, the fuses, starter and battery is good. when you turn the key the car will not crank and the wipers don't work. Any ideas

I am looking to buy a 1999 volvo v70xc, the owner says it has no compression in cylinder number four, how much is this going to cost me to fix and is it worth buying this vehicle? vehicle has 125,000 miles on it.

Any photos/instructions for angle gear/coupler replacement

I recently had a turbocharger replaced, and noticed the engine light on when I picked up the car. I thought nothing of it since I figured the work engaged the light, and the car had been test-driven. It drove nicely and the mechanics know this car. A few days later, when accelarating up a snowy driveway, the car stalled. Never happened in 12 years. Started right up again. Same thing happened another night. Forgot about it until yesterday, car suddenly stalled while in motion, after accelerating. Started right up again. Went here and saw this airflow sensor issue come up! I always keep tank at least half full, but the fuel filter is due for replacement. 212K miles. Am I possibly looking at a mass airflow sensor? Thank you for any help! Total time frame with this issue is about 4 weeks.

The dealership states:
"breather box is restricted will require breather box, hoses, seals, and gaskets along with oil pan reseal for $1727."
Car has 100500 miles.
I can't find information about a breather box. Does this sound right?
Thanks in advance.

The car has 150k miles on it. It starts and idles fine but it just is so slow or sluggish until it reaches cruising speed then it's fine. It occurs everytime I start to drive the car. Any suggestions?

Regardless of what mode or fan speed, I believe it may be associated with the temp control thermostat

how do i measure the oil in my automatic transmission?

The car is an earlier model and I am puting it back together after overhauling the motor.

How hard is it to replace the front motor mounts on a Volvo S70 1998.( Non Turbo )

I live in NJ would this be covered by the current recall.

While driving the car, the steering wheel will sometimes not turn, or it is very hard to turn.

I have a blown head and gasket on the 5th valve that needs to be repaired

90000 mile service; Volvo requirements and what really need to serviced and cost of service?

purchasing the vehicle and was advised by the salesman that there is a noise in rear of the car. He thinks it may be either the rear-end or differential. we want to know if this is an expensive repair item. the vehicle has 94,000 miles.

after 2000rpm the car fails to accelerate and and check engine light goes on. THE SCANNER CODE SHOWS THROTTLE POSITION PROBLEMS

long to refuel a volvo c70 2004?

fuel delivery has to be too slow

i have volvo v70 xc model 2002. my question can i buy thermostat without the housing because the problem is the thermostat. thanks

The Engine light went on in my son's car. He took it to the Volvo dealership and they told him it was an rpm sensor (which I have subsequently learned is also called a crank sensor) What is involved in its replacement and what can I expect to pay?

I thought it was the battery bought a new one but car stopped again after driving about 25 miles. Message started yesterday.

what type fluid for 5 speed automatic

I need my valve cover replaced and this one place i know in the area is trying to charge me $600 for labor alone! i know a volvo is a tough car but i mean come on!

No temperature control on passenger side, if fan is on, only hot air comes out. This happens with A/C on or off. Other vents work correctly.

the recovery coolant tank cracked since it's been sealed but now the car knocks when i have the car running. can i drive it to the shop or not?

have removed the headlight assembly and cover to low beam bulb.
can't separate connector from bulb base.
don't want to damage connection.
is a special tool needed or simple explanation.

A metal clanging rattling noise toward the right front around firewall when hitting any bumps or sometimes when applying slight pressure to the brakes. By applying solid pressure to the brakes the noise will stop. Letting off brake pressure abruptly will sometimes cause the clank immediately when pressure is released. Then it resumes just intermittently and constant when on rough roads. It seems to be brake related but I'm not sure. Applying solid pressure to the brakes is the only way to make it stop.

First, thank you to the professional who answers this question. I am seriously considering buying the mentioned Volvo and the owner says the transmission is stuck in 3rd. The owner is asking a fair price considering and the car is excellent shape otherwise. After doing some research I discovered some S80 models were equipped with a GM transmission that was not a great match. My question is, what all should I know prior to buying the car as far as addtional problems that could also arise with this particular model. Basically any info would be helpful.

broken upper strut mounts

I am at 119,00 right now and not doing badly at all, but do travel a lot.