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New battery. Seems to get good power and acts like it wants to start but just won't.
All winter lock would not work, everyone put everything in outside lock/key port. Now the inside door latch pulled out when drying to unlock it.??? Thanks
car has been sitting for 2 years .cranks but wont take gas but only runs about 15 secounds .its like turning ignition thanks
I've tried every Torx bit I can find....none seem to fit. Thanks!
Drove home fine, but dash lights all on now, never before, all of a sudden. Temp gauge went almost in red zone.
I've had this car 22 shifts fine its an automatic. I had the trans fluid changed 4 months ago, sound just returned.
an oem new one.2 months later I went to stop and had no breaks.I bled them and just a drop or 2 of fluid came out of fitting.Master cyl is full.No visible fluid leakon inner wheel.Could the master cyl. be clogged up.A...
Ihave a 1986 volvo 240d l Put a new signal switch on and lost the paper with the 4 wire colors on it. Really appreciate some help. Please help me, I'm down to driving a chevy. 681-945-3317 John L.
Car just completed 1050 mi.journey,no problems.I did notice a kerlunk when starting to accelerate as though the back wheels were trying to stay connected to the front when I got home.
well the Turn off signals work . that is about it…. Could it be the relays if so where are they?