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2013~ car stalled on idle, idiot light on. Started back up~ went to dealer. They said they replaced fuel pump. One week later, same exact stalling...idiot light.. took back to the dealer. What's up with this car? Deal...
we damaged one of the oilers that shoot oil to the lower part of the cylinders and haven't been able to locate them at dealer, any suggestions. thank you
also had autozone and napa scan no TC logged. select clear codes on scanner and indicates codes erased, check engine light comes back on at end of drive cycle. It is my understanding both mechanical and electrical iss...
I used only water until I could buy coolent. Did this possibly cause more damage? I like in Florida where it is very hot. And hoses are old indeed. He much will it cost to purchase ALL new coolant hoses as well a a ne...
I have replaced my gear box the old one FEV and the new one is FHV and this problem since the replacment
I have replaced my gear box the old one FEV the new one is FHV and this issue since the replacement
I removed the skid plate but didn't see any way to drain the radiator.
Like the hatchback door locking every time you close it or the auto door locks when you hit a certain speed??
vehicle starts also in accessory mode-ie. turning the key backwards, wipers inop as well as blower fan
The only way to get in my trunk is thru the back seat, want to know how to get entrance into trunk fixed.
My car sometime can't start, leave 2 or 3hrs will start.i test the battery its good, no any warning signal shows up, is this starter broken?
After the car wash, I when home and the fan never stop working, what can I do??
The heat still stay on o times
Tried switching the comfort control module, but it didn't work.
It will die in the middle of driving it. I an pull over then crank it but until I wait 20 minutes it will fire right up. It will always start when cold it's starting to do it more often now. Replaced fuel pump relay....