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In cold weather after driving and the car is turned off, a beeping noise starts from inside the engine. I cannot hear the beeping when inside the car, but is clearly heard when standing outside with the hood up. I hav...
My gears are locked and it wont go from Park to any gear!
What's the crankcase capacity? and how can I easily determine weather the loud knocking noise is a rod or something else?
My turbo won't come on at any speed no warning lights what wrong? The car runs fine but no power because the turbo quit, can I have a hose off or a vacume line off I run Castrol 100% synsetic oil and only 80,000 miles...
My heater, wipers, seat warmers and turn signals stopped working on my 2005 VW Jetta Tdi. I have checked the fuse box and all the fuses appear fine. any help would be apperciated
Dealer estimates $200 for part, and 3 hours labor (remove / reattach front bumper to reach switch) = $500 = :-(
i am replacing rear brakes on 09jetta. the problem im having is with getting the piston to reset. iam turning as directed with a special key for this purpose and applying pressure to caliper at same time but the pisto...
Looking for TPS for this vehicle
When shifting into 1st gear, it seams it will not fully ingage and if the car is moving at all like creaping up to a stop light and you shift into 1st it will instantly pop out of gear.
replacing drivers side axles
Where is it located and how hard is it to replace?
Engine Failure: Would like to install a used engine
scheduled Maintenance
How do I replace it?
I cannot lock my car with my remote or can I get the key in the door lock, both driver passenger sides. I have replaced the batteries in my remote only to find out I needed to be able to put the key in the door lock t...
I can not get my heater to blow warm air into the cab. It will be warm for a little while and then cool off. Also, in the summertime it takes forever and a day to blow cold. Any ideas on how to fix this inexpensive...
My automatic VW just stated having a delay in changing into fourth gear only. i feel a slight pull back before changing into forth but the RMP's dont jump they stay relatively normal when shifting. the car is not tell...
Brand of Header's that fit my 2006 Volkswagon Beetle 1.9L @ 4 Cylinder Turbo TDI Disesel Engine
Steering is hard and found out it has a motor on it instead of old fashion steering pump. checked all fuses in fuse box inside drivers door and under hood next to battery. Was in deep snow day prior to it not workin...
i've changes the clutch cable with a good used one and now the pedal will not return to where it's supposed to be at what else can i do???????
how much time it takes to R&R an engine with auto trans.
I have a 2002 Passat that won't start and has no power to fuel pump. It cranks but won't start. Is there a fuse for the fuel pump?
Received a check engine light code of p1550. How critical is this to get fix?
how do you find timing marks on 1996 volkswagon cabrio.2.0.
not getting fluid to drivers side rear wheel,and air saturation in passenger front.not leaking fluid.second port in abs block under master cylinder seems fluid comming out.have to pump pedal to achieve firm...
How much should it cost to replace a muffler at a discount muffler shop? Parts and Labor.
I am in the process of replacing the camshafts seals, gaskets from my V6 engine, I have completed the left/driver's side. On the right side, I am not able to lift out the cams/chains, due to some objects in the way, m...
are spark plug tubes the same as spark plug wires? and if they are not, what is the average cost for replacing the tubes and/or seals?
is there a electronic shift sensor? can't it be replaced? I'm considering buying this vehicle and trying to estimate if it is worth my time
What sensor causes the motor to surg after it is warmed up.I have to keep the rpm's up with the accelerator after warmed up. I checked for vac leaks, for gasket leaks on the intake. I've checked the cat converter to m...