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Changed my ignition switch and used original key on transponder(transposer)citi golf ii 1.6i life,but the car do not want to start.The fist it time it worked fine, 2nd time after driving about 500 kilometers car do ha...
Just bought it today. Drove 200 miles home. Two issues: 1)Fuel gauge worked twice - both times about 5 minutes after fueling. Went all the way down to empty and stayed there. Fuel light came on and beeped at me both t...
where are the timing marks on a 2000 vw cabrio? Thank You
My check engine light loves to be lighted. Today, the A/C was blowing rather warm. I turned off the recirculated air button, leaving the A/C button on. Suddenly: cold air. Pushed the recirculate button: More cold air....
The ESP light comes on in a curve and then it makes a loud noise?
is the torque converter clutch circuit on the outside of the transmission.
I have 12 OBD codes that indicate shorts to the ground. I want to remove a plastic cover in my engine compartment that houses the elecrtical wires from there through the fire wall. I can't for the life of me figure ...
the rod that is connected to the side of the transmission and goes to the clutch is broke but we cant find the name for it anywhere and need it to replace. if you know please let me know need fixed soon have a baby..t...
I have a 94 jetta and i cant get in it. I have the keys but my batterys dead and now the power locks dont work to open it. And i cant jump the battery becuase i cant get in to pop the hood. I have no passenger side lo...
I have a 1994 Volkswagen jetta and my doors will not open there is no key slot of the passenger side and it has power locks and when i put the key in the hole on the drivers side to unlock the door it will not becuase...
Feels like the transmission thinks the accelerator is fully depressed, but it is not. Occasionally will shift down going downhill, just after the accelerator is lifted.
on the driver side only the electric window control for both passenger and drivers sides as well as electric door lock with remote control on drivers side and indoor light dome automatically going on and trunk latch a...
Will not pass emissions. High NOX. everyone suggests cat converter. other ideas?
Hi, can anyone please tell me how to replace the drivers side front indicator unit on a 1.8 se turbo. I have the unit but do not know how to fit it. Thank you.
We recently moved from WI to Houston, TX and have found that our Jetta has become increasingly harder to start in the morning. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to keep it running, and we have to use the accele...
I have the parts and am curious how much it is to have control arm bushings installed on a 96 VW Jetta?
my car says service now or soon what do i actually need to get done to it?
I am wondering how much it will cost to put the dash unit air conditioning in my 1987 volkswagen vanagon pop top weekender? It currently does not have A.C. at all.
I can't figure out how to put in transmission oil, do i have to take it to the dealer? for service?
Why does my oil light keep turning on when my oil level is good?
I broke off the fuel door and was wondering if I could replace it from the trunk and how it is attached, dealer wants $170 to do it it cant be too hard could it?
The door open light and warning chime go off even when the door is properly closed. After repeated closings, I now have to hold the door to keep the light/chime off. Any suggestions?
Where is the fuse or relay located that controls the power to the MAF?
is there a relay that controls the 12volts going to the window screen? the screen tests ok and the ground is good Help
I've noticed on several occasions that the AC will be on even though the heat is on and I didn't turn it on. Has anyone else had this happen?
How do you service automatic transmission 2005 jetta 2.5 5cyl.
changers hard from 2nd to first goes through gearsok till it gets to high wontgo in gear
My mechanic told me I may need to replace my reverse manual transmission. How much will this cost? Is it possible to replace the "reverse" transmission only?
down shifts from 2nd to low hard wont go in high gear