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no response from gas pedal to engine, wont run and not getting response from gas pedal... what is this?
Wipers turn on automatically when car is started and will not stop.
where should I look since the panic button will not shut it off. Have to let it cycle and it be OK the latest if the passenger door opens up while it is running it will go off also. Where should I look.
I'm selling my 2010 2.5 Jetta, 105k miles. The trans is shifting rough at times, and I want to know what it'll cost to replace trans so I can advise prospective buyer.
I had to disconnect the battery because light were on and i could not shut them off
i had to disconnect the battery because lights would not shut off
have owned this car for 4 was bought used in NH.had to drive it to fix for sister.tranny takes an abnormally long time to shift has 167k miles.won't shift into o/d until over 55 mph.all other gears a...
I went to do my first oil change ever and noticed my POS is leaking oil. Granted I've known my POS to have many small problems like, the emissions workshop flashes after accelerating to 30 - 40 mpm and then begins to ...
When I turn on AC it gets cold had checked for leaks and it is fine It I turn the dial to outside air it blows fine but when I turn to inside air the air is not coming inside like it used to the blower is working
my a/c button does not light when pressed but the blower fan,clutch,fuses are all good what could this problem be
Started off as: Check Engine and ASR light. Took to the VW Dealership with a diagnostic from other mechanic of bad TCM. Asked to verify and repair. Instead they did wiring harness and air filter, said is was like new....
It just started happening on one side. The window goes up half way and then immediately goes back down all the way.
Recently my car would not start, left it for 5-10mins tried starting again and fired right up. The car would crank and crank but not start up. This continued to happen for about 3 weeks here and there until one time I...
The alarm goes off, and I don't know why. It happens ,some times when I park and turn the car off
It will start well, runs and idles well, then dies. Got me scratching my head!
it was ran out of oil before and over heated ran bad sence
My daughter recently purchased an older Jetta (2000) and fuse 14 keeps blowing. Her windows won't work, trunk unlock...... What could possible keep causing the fuse to blow?
My wife's Volkswagen beetle was evaluated and said to need a secondary fan and hose replacement. We were quoted at $815. I don't know much about cars, but that sounds expensive to me. Sounds like a 3rd of what the car...
crank it could it have something to do with key or something else it runs fine other than that