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what is the test to determine if a wheel bearing is bad.
I changed my switch and still the same problem.
Left front fog light not working after replacing the lamp. What else could it be.
The pedal goes to the floor when pumping the brakes, as if one were bleeding the brakes to remove air. At this time the car does not want to stop. Other times it is hard and goes to the floor with almost failure to ...
Every time the transmission kicks down, the oil pressure light comes on w/ do not exceed 2,500rpm, engine fault, service now. The codes P13D3, P13DC,P164B all came on. The 2 integrated cylinder pressure sensor glow p...
w/engine fault, service now. The 2 cylinder head integrated pressure sensors and oil pressure sensors were changed.
Variable tract intake manifold system (bank 2) open circuit the garage wasnt sure what it was looking for the answer please
Dealer did not know and cannot find any service manuals.