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My car died and it will not start any idea what it could be
On numerous occasions my car has stalled out on me. Once while in the car wash, three times just driving home from the grocery store not going any faster then 50km/h, and just reversing out of my drive way. Took it t...
i changed the front brakes calipers and sensors brand new and says brake fault and abs light and emergency lights are on emergency brake light is blinking
My car gear handle can not be pulled to select a gear
Was about to replace timing belt due to car now having 106k total miles. Water pump was replaced in August 2012. 40-50k since then.
I start it up after priming the fuel pump a few times. Than it will act like it is out of fuel and it dies. I replaced the fuel filter has new battery and newish alternator. I have not put a code tester on it yet.
and the obdometer is not working we had to disconect the coolant container to get to the hose to replace it and now all these things are happening do I have to replace censer on coolant container? What to do?
push key fob in only steering light and battery light illuminate, all controls work ie. lights, windows, locks, radio..etc. but not turning over to start. Before the check of fuses fans started and the car would turno...
Leaking valve cover gasket
Head light was burned out. This activated the warning light. Head light bulb was changed, light won't go out.
A week ago I noticed water bubbling and pooling on the floor behind my driver seat. The water was clear; it had been raining that day and I'm assuming water was being thrown up into my car. I was able to soak up the...
my car stopped turning on so after i towed it back to my house i ran the code which came up: 1.dirty engine oil 2.low engine oil 3.camshaft actuator circuit open or shorted 4.camshaft actuator circuit poor electr...
It sounds like air is escaping from something
This vehicle is getting no oil to the camshafts and lifters. Its very noisy. If you bring the rpm up it will quite down. The oil change history of this car is poor. Is this a noted problem on this engine?
Part cost is $1400. Moisture seems to have gotten to first unit.
My radio will play but when I try and play a cd or cassette it doesn't play it keeps on saying error
looses coolant fluid often when car is warmed up. doesn't leak when i put it in seems to to heat up and come out overflow tube builds pressure and high temperature in coolant tank