Like air being released from a balloon. It heard on the passenger side front.

are good. The alarm would go on and car would not turn over. What should I do?

My cigarette lighter plug in front and back has also stopped working

Need either the best Volkswagon repair shop in Phoenix area and or the best shop that there business is rebuilt engines.

My airbag light came on last night, then today, my steering wheel started clicking when I turned it, and the controls no longer work for radio/bluetooth on the steering wheel. Of course, this part is no longer under warranty. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? What did it cost to fix it?

I'm trying to tap into the cigarette lighter wiring to run a remote wire to an amplifier. The tray does not seem to pop out and I don't want to pry too hard and damage my new car.

I have spongy brakes, and checked both fluids. Brake fluid is fine, hydraulic fluid is low--can I drive the car to get it looked at?

My fuse 6 on my passat keeps blowing everytime I put in a new fuse.

Usually before it comes on the can won't start until about the 2nd or 3rd try and when it does the engine is very loud. I would turn the engine off and start it again then the engine goes back to normal and the EPC light would go off...what is the problem?

All i know is one day the car worked, and now it won't start. The battery died and I charged it with my other car and tried to start the vehicle, the emobolizer came on. I spent time trying to figure that out and finally got past it but the car still won't start. I ran a code scan and it came back tcm error code p0864. I changed the crank position sensor and still doesn't come on. I'm not getting any spark and I believe I'm not getting gas either. I checked all the fuses. This problem boggles me and would really like to have it running again.

Hi and thanks for your help! Car is used and no manual. Is there a rest button I need to find?

It turns on but goes right off. These are all the codes that came up P0706

It turns on but goes right off.

Why does my Volkswagen Passat 2001 seem to act like it wants to jump out of gear after applying the gas when my light turns green, scary?

I lost the button to open my gas door is there another way to open it... My button is in between the two front seats not on the door

My button isn't on my door it's in between the two front seats most videos talk about it being on the door.

I put a new heater core thermostat is good antifreeze level is good the car is not overheating but for some reason I'm not getting circulation through the heater core I know you get air pockets but I left the reservoir open overnight and the antifreeze went down a bit I added more I even rent a car into a heated up to normal temperature and I tried bleeding the heater core and there's no no antifreeze and there's no pressure in the line help please

Just changed my water pump and timing belt. Now light goes on STOP CHECK COOLANT level but my coolant is full.

Turned car off one day started the next and the odometer was 10k over what it was the day before. Trip odometer never reset and is the mileage it should be, any idea's? It is at the dealership now and the tech of course says this is the first case he ever heard of. TIA for the help

Bearing went out blowing the oil seal in turbocharger. Blowing out blue smoke from exhaust and using around 2 quarts of oil every 5 miles or so. After capping the oil feed line... the transmission is shifting very won't shift easily from 3rd to 4th...or from 4th to Drive? Does the "brain box" need to be reset?