i have tried everything i have no idea what wrong please help

Car all of sudden wouldn't start about 2 weeks ago, finally got my car to a shop that specialises in imports and they advised that it's probably the ECM but want to run a diagnostics one more time.

when a/c is turned on, the temp gauge exceeds 190 and white smoke comes from the right side of the engine. the oil light also comes on. what type of problem or repair am i looking at?

idling runs fine,give it gas and wants to fall on its face.replaced the fuel filter cleaned the air filter,ceck engine light is on and code says its running to lean.

car started took off and engine stalled .tried to restart lost all power to vehicle.absolutely no power. never had a vehicle do this. checked battery its good. any ideas i would appreciate. thank you

i loosened the bleeder but it didnt move at all even when i put a c clamp on it

my ac does not work already replaced the commpressor.. is it a leak somewhere?is there any fuses that need to be changed?

Window fell down in door

Mechanic tested hydraulic system and says it's fine. Says the antilock braking unit is defective and needs replacement. Estimates unit at $650
plus installation. Can't get inspection with warning. Brakes work fine but no "antilock" action. Thanks VAP

I was told the thermostat was still good and so was the serpentine belt arent they supposed to be changed anyway?

tubes, flex-pipe and cat are all together as one integral part. does that mean it is a failure of the the cat system and consequently covered by warranty? VW estimates repair cost $ 1o95.95 and said'no warranty'because the'check engine
light' is not on.

WV model 4 cyl 1.8 L

I have a Freon leak that they say is at the nozzle to the evaporator. Dealer wants to charge me 1850.00 to replace the evaporator...Can't they just solder the leak?

i got in a slight accident when my cars brakes locked up and can't get the car started. what do i do or what could be the problem? please help

On my afternoon drives home, only during the summer, my power steering goes out and in. when the weather is cool outside it always works no problem. Any help?

I've had a problem with the heater and air conditioner for the last two seasons. Both systems are weak, meaning that the heater barely puts out warm air and the AC system barely puts out cool air. The fan seems to work fine. I was told the problem is the motor, but I'm not confident about that. Does anyone have information about this problem?

I need to know how to change the spark plugs.

how do you remove/replace the water distribution pipe on a 96 passat 2.8l

Check engine light comes on once in a while and the engine doesn't idle at a constant RPM. It will almost die then rev back up quickly every few seconds while it idles. Seems to run fine on the highway.

I had just spent $1388.00 on having the timming belt,tentioner,water pump all new belts,oil change with 10w30 syn oil.I was driving the car at 45 mph and the motor quit.Oil was leaking under car.Motor turns over and belts are turning.Took it to dealer that did the work and they said there was nothing wrong with the work they did but for a extra $200 the check to see what the problem is.O there is not any compression in any cylnder Any suggetions.Thanks Randy P.s i know this is a long one

brakes work well. No leaks fluid level full. rear lights come on parking brake released but warning lights come on. No abs lights.

steering column makes noise when turning right, added power steering fluid. no change. what could it be?

I added power steering fluid & it did not change. nose started 2 days ago. what could it be?

my engine is shaking when it is running?

is it still okay to drive eventhough i need to get a caliber car will be getting worked on this friday

occurs when engine has been warmed up

I just bought a 2003 pasat glx 2.8 with a bad motor I replaced it myself it will start but it has a really rough idle. I know on some cars there is a sequence to resetting the computer is their anything you recommend I try or will it need to be reprogrammed by a professional anything will be helpful

Do I need to use 5w-40 or can I go with 10w-30 t run in this motor?

the left headlight including high beam and the cd player don't come on.

if my timimg belt and water pump is replaced, do i have to set the timing on the camshaft?