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my check engine light will come on and the car will shake when the idle drops and then the light will begin to flash...but, i can turn the car off and wait a few minutes, turn it back on, the check engine light is sti...
What is an average time and labor cost for installing new ABS module unit in my 2000 Passat V-6? I have the part so I don't need a price for part. Thank you.
Droped engine cratle to fix oil pump now car starts and cut off
I had a battery put in in 1/2008. Yesterday at the 70,000 mile service check the service dept. told me that it was necessary to replace the battery due to failing the test. When I questioned why I needed a new batter ...
So can I keep the MAF disconnected for two weeks straight without having any problems and expect the car to run comfortably? i say this since to know if the mass air flow sensor is the problem we disconnect it and se...
Had rear brake pads replaced, now when on curvy road, turning left or right, seems ABS kicks in, and clicking noise occurs, and brake pedal will not work as should.
my 2003 passat has a coolant leak right at the bottom mid section of the motor. It leaks most when motor is running and when motor stop running, doesn't leak as much...any idea?
Caliper is removed, small brake rotor screw(torx tip) remeoved and rotor will not budge
02 VW Passat will not start after water pump failure
The heater core has been back flushed. Did not help much.
The heater core has been back flushed. Did not help much.
what does the check engine look like
When I turn my key on all my lights come on but when I try to start it does nothing. Have checked battery and starter and both are fine. Which one of the relays is the one I need to check?
I changed the flasher relay switch and then the flashers started coming on when I open any door or trunk, and car will not start.
i have been told that my 1999 vw passat needs to be fixed, the control module abs is not working properly... thats the reason why the abs light comes on and off when i am on the road as the parking brake light do...
What is the recommended mileage for replacing the timing belt?
I have a 2004 Passat and was quoted the following amounts for various services. Most seem to be in line with RepairPal except for the brakes. Do these seem like reasonable rates? - Timing Belt and Serpentine (Drive?...
My ABS brake light is on all the time. How much should it cost to repair the problem? I've been told it isn't an urgent issue, but would like to take care of it when I can afford to.
the brakes work just fine but the dash has a messege saying: "stop brakes fault" so we thinks is the computer but we want to know where is it thank you we really need help
I purchased a 2001 Passat with 62k. I just spoke with someone who owned another 2001 Passat and told me she got a quote of $6000 to fix replace her Catalytic Converters. Is that right? The price seems out of range wit...
When it rains, water builds up in the back, passenger side foot well. Did some research online and it seems to be getting through the pollen filter. Unfortunately i can't get to all of the nuts to get the filter housi...
just found at 60000 mile checkup
The front spring drivers side snapped. The shock inside the spring seems fine. How do you replace the spring? Do you need special tools?
I got a code 17801 - Ignition Coil Power Output 1 :I had problems with the ignition coils and I replaced them. We were getting multiple misfires, after doing the plugs, cables and coils I finally got it fixed. A year ...
Pls help, I remove the fuse for my radio and put it back (which was I think was reset) and now it shows 'SAFE' on the radio and I do not what to do to make it work again.
not working
My car smokes really bad I was told its the turbo part of the engine needs to be new or rebuilt. Due to oil sludge issues
hi guys 1st car engine is 2.0 4 cylinder but i didnt found it between engine choices ths problem happiened today , car shut off while driveing !! without any introductains as noisy sound from engine or vibrating...