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How do I test poblem
I love my Jetta. It has over 200K miles and it is still running pretty well. Lately, I can accelerate and get power up to about 65-70 miles per hour. After that, it will not give me any more acceleration even with ...
Car was fine, shut it off, came back 15 minutes later, tried to start, sounds like it turns over, acts like it is not getting any fuel and stalls.
I have a 2012 Jetta SLE. Every time I have to use the windshield wipers they make a horrible, loud, grinding noise. What could that mean?
engine is skipping slightly, engine light comes on occasionally and the EPC light comes on occassionally
The car runs fine except the coolant is leaking. the check coolant light comes on so I have to keep putting water into it otherwise it thinks it's overheating and it has died before
2006 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan 1.6 Jetta 1.6 Chassis : AAVZZZ1KZ7U024543 Engine : BSF049974
stepping on gas for few seconds then car jumps into gear
I have a 2003 VW Jetta...when I turn on the interior console lights at night, the external lowbeam headlights go off....I can turn the brights on and they will come on
When raising the driver's side back window (power), it lowers all the way back down when it gets to the top. The only way to close it is to step it up until it gets close. If it hits the top it automatically goes back...
Trying to fix my 09 jetta tdi check engine light with error code P0478A. Need to locate where the exhaust pressure sensor is located. ..
I was the victim of a driver that hit my driver's side door with his mirror after my vehicle was parked. The other vehicle swung into the space next to me as I opened my door whereby his mirror hit the edge of the doo...
Just got a 01 Jetta from a friend completely free, check engine came on and the following codes showed up, Codes 0440, 1225, 1226, 1227, 1228, 1451, 1421, 1425, 1472. Can somebody help me with these codes and how to f...
The exhaust system malfunction light is on what's wrong?
The dash lights above the steering wheel do not work except when the left turn signal and emergency signal are used. This is a Jetta Vr6.
also had autozone and napa scan no TC logged. select clear codes on scanner and indicates codes erased, check engine light comes back on at end of drive cycle. It is my understanding both mechanical and electrical iss...
The only way to get in my trunk is thru the back seat, want to know how to get entrance into trunk fixed.
After the car wash, I when home and the fan never stop working, what can I do??
The heat still stay on o times
Tried switching the comfort control module, but it didn't work.
It will die in the middle of driving it. I an pull over then crank it but until I wait 20 minutes it will fire right up. It will always start when cold it's starting to do it more often now. Replaced fuel pump relay....