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vacuum pump leaks. Is this something can service?
I'm selling my 2010 2.5 Jetta, 105k miles. The trans is shifting rough at times, and I want to know what it'll cost to replace trans so I can advise prospective buyer.
After changing the thermostat housing. I was made aware that I had installed the sensor incorrectly therefore it was possibly ran hot. After I realized my mistake I parked it. Corrected it. Let it cool off, added wate...
how to replace coil pack with diagram-engine lite blinking, car shuddering how hard is it to replace? not afraid to tackle it. We have fixed stuff ourselves before. First it would happen, then stop,now it keeps going.
2 weeks after changing the cambelt, the EML light came on, and fault code indicating the Crankshaft position sensor was at this down to the timing of the belt not being right the first time around Or is it ju...
Pulled transmission out of car and can't open it. Seems to be binding where input shaft is. A few springs feel out. One is small and long
So I am struggling to find a good answer as to why my VW 08 Jetta is studdering? Let me lay down the situation. I have checked spark plugs and know it's not the transmission. When I give the car some gas, right a...
2 days ago I was on a high way very early in the morning, form no where my car over heated on me. I had to get out the high way in a our of running smoked come out. during the day I fix the smoke problem cuz saw that ...
Even when air is not in hot heat comes out vents. No air conditioner for 2 months.
The car was in a light wreck on the left front part of the vehicle by the driver. There are some electrical cables that don't seem to be connected, but I can't really tell.
How can a problem with the horn light be repaired? The airbag light came on about 2 months ago. Could this issue also be related?
the black and silver cloth applied to door panels and the headliner is detaching due to the under-lay foam seemingly disintegrating and loosing its bond to the substrate material. It is quite a mess and worsens if one...
Fresh oil change, no oil leak, have oil pressure, changed both oil pressure temp sensors.