Two days ago my bright dash light came on and drivers side headlamp went dim, and today the malfunction indicator light came on. Then my gas needle began to fluctuate between half a tank and all the way to empty causing my gas light to turn on and off and it is continuously doing that.

the problem just started ,engine shut of and i changed the fuel filter which was stopped up. i was bleeding the ac and some freon did go around the canister area . woundering if the emc caused the electerical to shut down going from the fuel pump relay to the fuel pump

I want to change the transmission oil on my 03 Jetta. However I am not sure how to refill it after it has been drained. Does anyone have experience with this, or should I just have a mechanic do it?

How do you replace a coolant fan motor?

I wanted to know what the torque specs were for the four (4) bolts holding the stub axle on a rear disk brake 97 jetta GT?

the car runs high rpms in 3rd gear. sort of jerks when going from 1st to 2nd gear. Suddenly this week temperature light is flashing - there is coolant but light keeps flashing now coolant bubbling when car running and it won't start now

Electrical problem
1998 Volkswagen Jetta 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 68000 miles

I have noticed recently when I turn off my vehicle the electrical motor air intake fan stays on, sometimes for up to three hours. The car will no shut off and ultimately kills the battery.

I have looked under the hood and at the user manual but I am not familiar with Volkswagon's Any help would be appreciated

transmission replacement parts and labor

where is the secondary air pump located?

any one know of a DIY on it with pics? and is it as easy as just dropping the oil pan and not touching the timing belt or anything?

Just replaced the alternator and battery. Finally got the car started and ran the car and after an hour, the car cuts off and the battery is dead. Could it be the ground for the battery?

Everytime I turn the keys on or turn off my car the trunk releases, why is that?


The temp. light came on. I started somehow ending up with empty coolant resovoir. I started car after filling with water,leaving the cap off .Within a few minutes,seemed to have air and water coming back into coolant resovoir.and seemed to look like it was getting hot and steamy. pressure builds up inside with cap on.

I just had the timing belt and water pump replaced. The mechanic suggested that I might need to replace the coil and wires as well because of rouch idle. The car did not idle rough before the repair and now there is also a ticking noise like the car is out of oil. (oil changed at same time as belt and pump)
Is the timing off or did something else happen when the belt broke?

Has there been anyone complain of a jetta going out of gear? A friend had a jetta and today it went out of gear and someone told them they thought at one time there was a recall on it.
I think I put the rite engine size and year.

I have a 2002 Jetta Wagon, the transmission was removed and inspected, the price for rebuilding was not in my expense range. I wanted have my car picked up by a flatbed tow truck and the repair facility would not allow the car to leave unless the existing transmission was replaced in the car (for a fee, in addition to the fee for removal and inspection of the transmission). The rational was that the car would be damaged if the entire transmission was not put back? Is this the case, and how do you tow a Jetta without a transmission?

I am getting a soft pedal now. I have replaced both front and rear pads and rotors within the past year. There is no loss of fluid.

My timing belt is missing some teeth and needs to be replaced. I was told the the engine is an interference engine and that the valves and pistons are shot and need to be remachined. The total cost for this repair is $4000.00. With over 100000 miles I'm not sure if it's worth it. The car ran perfectly until this mishap.

How do i know for sure whether or not the engine is an interference engine and I not being ripped off?

when the engine is cool the gears shift perfect once it starts to get hot it struggles to shift gears. how do you check the level on the transmission, cant find the stick?

i was shifting to 3rd gear today and my jetta made a clunking sound like i ran a rock over and was kicked up under the car and after the sound occured my 1998 jetta gl started to smoke and make a clicking sound as i applied gas to go forward when i stopped applying gas to it the clicking sound started to go away. i got back home and popped the hood and there was gear oil all over the firewall and back side of the engine. i would like to know what the problem is can u help me

My jetta just started leaking oil on the drivers side under radiator . There are somo hoses running to a small black box.

Have a P0117 fault code at 82K. This is a low input Engine coolant temp fault. Changed timing belt, serpintene belt,water pump and flushed coolant system at 80K. Engine temp not running hot. No performance issues and check engine light on but not flashing. Is this a coolant flowing problem? Need to know where the sensor is to change it?

I have a P0117 fault code low input engine temp sensor needing to be changed. Where is it? Have a engine indicator light on dash ( not flashing). Engine has 82K on it. Help?

I recently had a few things done on my car, and was told I had no power steering fluid in my car. They charged me $69.99 to replace the power steering fluid. I didn't notice this until I got home because I had a number of things done. I called the mechanic and he said it's because they flush the system before they add the fluid. Is this charge too high?

I recently had my compressor replaced at a local mechanic. Since then the AC has been making a fog horn noise every few minutes when it is on. Also the AC it makes a different loud noise upon start up and when I slow down.

what ami supposed to gap my sopark plugs to on a 04 jetta 1.8t

where is the fuel pump kill switch at

can anyone tell me the steps to replace a drivers side window motor and controller?

When I bought the car 2 months ago the air was so cold it would freeze you out, at first the air would not get as cold, then it just started to blow hot. It shows a full charge, clutch kicks in, fan works but it still only blows hot. What could be wrong and would the parts be costly? I love my Jetta and would not take anything for my car because other than some minor repairs it has an awesome car and runs like a brand new one with over 200,000 miles on it.