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My 2002 Jetta 1.8 T will not turn over I replaced battery and it still would not turn over what could be problem.
I just bought my wolfsburg edition Jetta, had it checked out before buying and it received an amazing "bill of health". I have driven it maybe 500 miles and it makes an odd kind of clicking, thumping sound when I tur...
Engine is using a quart of oil every 800 miles. Volkswagen says this is normal. In your opinion is this normal?
Another quick question, is it safe to continue driving with the epc on, it is not flashing (on steady)? I live in a rural area with sketchy cell service and I am wondering if this will cause the car to just shut down?...
The EPC code came on last night, continued to drive car and did not notice loss/decrease of power, just found out car is on recall for catyltic converter, would this set off epc code?
my 2000 jetta has a P0730 error code does this mean the transmission needs to be replaced?
i disconnected my battery and my radio is in a safe mode. it will not go out of this mode so i cant put in the code to unlock?? any suggestions
clutch slipping at 3000rpms in every gear
The speedometer is off in my 2006 Jetta. It seems to be about 10% or so. Is there an easy fix for this? Does anyone else have this problem and have it repaired?
I've pulled fuel lines and there is no vac or pump action. beside fuel pump--any other tips?
the tracking light came on, what dose it mean
why would it take about 10-15 seconds of turning over for my car to start
well my blinkers stopped working after i changed my trans. where would i find the relay i read another one that you said it was in the hazerd switch would it be the same in mine.
Have a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8Turbo (station wagon) that recently began "bucking and kicking" as i drive. At first i thought transmission (it began while going up a hill at 55 mph, felt almost like transmission slipping), B...
Would that have ay thing to do with me putting 89 istead of 87 in it? I would guess it usually had 87. Is there an easy fail safe to make sure that it is the problem. I drove it home 80mph with no problems? no problem...
My light came on after I filed up the tank, the code says o2 sensor? Is that accurate?
I have read that not ALL Jetta engines were. The tensioner pulley seized and broke the new timing belt (June 09)
My driver side window does not work. When I first had this problem the motor would power and try to raise the window and when I would push the window up it would eventually go up but now it is stuck a little below hal...
I cant put my key into the ignition there is an off white piece blocking it... but the radio is on like the key is already in there and it wont let me lock or unlock the doors
We moved from Florida to Colorado. Right away we noticed problems with the cars performance. It wouldn't accelerate as quickly as before. Since this 2 more problems have become frequent. 1) The car doesn't like to sta...
how do i reset the service light?
Where can I fine a complete fuse diagram for my 2008 Jetta? The owners manual only have a partial diagram.
I have a 1993 Jetta with an automatic transmission. It intermittently has begun to spew transmission fluid, it does not appear to be coming from the dip stick, breather or the transmission cooler. Approximately 3/4 of...
on my ac control panel my light is not working . would it be a fuse issue ? because everything else avove this part of the control panel works fine i just cant see the control dials at nite . can someone help ?
my jetta has been a great car has 90,000 miles on it the dealer told me i need to replace the timing belt is this nessecary if so how much would replacing the timing belt cost
I have a 96 Jetta Trek edition that I use as get to work and back vehicle. I have had various issues as of late. The alarm goes off when unlocking the drivers side door, and the brake lights remain illuminated all t...
I have installed a new fuel regulator. Now my car will idol but when I put the fuel pump fuse in it will die. I also cant put it in gear because it bogs and dies.
wondering if anyone has had this problem also which fuse location is the correct one.
someguy, can you help me some more, i added response to your questions, jesse 4015235975
i need a picture of the brake system or how to put brakes on front of car