I have a 1997 VW jetta GLX. There is a blue line that, so I believe, goes from the gas tank to the engine. There is a crack in that blue line and gas leaks. I need an estimate for repairing this problem.


2000 jetta with 72k was running fine then battery and alternator failed while driving. Was driven with low voltage to get to VIP for battery, radio, lights, speedo and tach stopped working, ABS light came one and it stopped shifting. Coded PO 730 and 740. Battery replaced and alternator replaced everything back on line except shifting. Goes in to reverse and 1,2,3 but not drive. Any ideas?

My VW Jetta turbo wold not accelerate past 30. We took it to 2 mechanics and they both said it is the computer that needs replacing. The cost of repair is very high and I am looking to sell the car as soon as I can. What should the cost be for the computer replacement

I am trying to remove the PCV (Crankcase Vent Valve) but it won't come out; it spins freely but i cannot pull it upward. Looking at a picture of the valve it doesn't appear to have anything holding it other than a small lip on the end of the tube. I don't want to break it, can anyone offer any advise on removing it?

did some work on the car's electrical system alarm started to go off, and now there is no spark to the coil. Don't have the original key to re-set the code, so what do I have to do to disengage the system.

how do i get the oil pan to drop after i have gotten the all the bolts out ,it like has sealed it self . is thier anythin g else i have to remove in order to get the pan down ?

What is estimated cost of the 50,000 checkup?

VW dealership said that when it broke, damage was done, something was bent, resulting in a major 5000.00 repair. How do I know that what they are telling me is the honest truth, and when or if repairs are made that they do what they said and not just kind of fix it. I'm young & female and don't know anything about cars.

When you start it starts then shuts off right away but if you start it and hold the key forward it will stay running...any idea what this may be????

I need it to pass the smog test and my check engine light is on

need to hook up xm radio

My reverse lights are not working, I changed the bulbs and fuse, still not working. I am pretty sure it is the reverse light switch but I can't figure out where it is located in the car to replace it. Can you please tell me where I can find it? The car is a manual if that makes a difference. Thanks.

My jetta makes a loud fan sound when car starts and lasts a min. I think it might have to do with cooling. And check engine light remains on

It happened once.

I want to know how the audio system work because I dont hear the rear speakers.

with car started,clutch pushed in car will not go into any gear.With car off, car will go into all gears.

I am not quite sure how to explain this and I may have 2 issues but hopefully it is just one. After driving the car for about 10 minutes and I stop at a light, Press the gas and from 1st to 2nd gears the car kinda "hiccups" jerks - this is an automatic transmission. The check engine light has not come on. Also the same effect happens when braking. It's fine from high gears but once it transmission switches from 2nd to 1st gears it bogs down and jerks a bit. I was told that the master cylinder might need to be replaced. Would this be a symptom?

i went to the store car was running fine turned off car went in store came back out and car wouldnt start towed it home and hooked up the cpu and it said the camshaft position sensor code so where is it located and how do i replace it thank you

Wen I step on my clutch it doesn't cum up th pedal stays down. I cannot change gears but th car does start

I have a2000 vw jetta temp running hot and over heating, found a crackon plastic pc on upper hose, changed it. started car and problem still there, large fan motor not turning, smallone works fine, should both motors turn at the same time? do i just change fan assembly or canit be something else? I am assuming sensor works both fans

how do i get this thing out

back passenger tire is turned out from a wreck.what could this be and is it an easy fix

lately my son's car has started to jerk when going from 2nd to 3rd gear, he thinks that it may have something to do with the transmission but is not sure and currently he does not have the money to even have it diagnosed....please help:_9

trying to find out how many valves the engine is. it seems i need this info to find the correct alternator for this car

I believe the pump is shot becuase there isn't a "pump sound" when you pull back on the handle on the steering column and obviously, no fluid is seen. Where do I start? I've looked at fuses, which look intact.

'97 jetta turns on but doesn't start. i replace the distributer, the ignition coil. has power on coils but no spark

just started today 8/27/10 - on dash board EPC light on and rear lights remain on when car and all lights are turned off.

Sometimes the brakes squeak when you first use the car. It can be either morning or afternoon.

well i have a few problums,in the day time its taking off at a red light slow and high rpm slow speed,also it rides roughfer and the breaks and gas feel like they stiffen then spongie and the shocks feels like one side flat the swiches up