back passenger tire is turned out from a wreck.what could this be and is it an easy fix

lately my son's car has started to jerk when going from 2nd to 3rd gear, he thinks that it may have something to do with the transmission but is not sure and currently he does not have the money to even have it diagnosed....please help:_9

trying to find out how many valves the engine is. it seems i need this info to find the correct alternator for this car

I believe the pump is shot becuase there isn't a "pump sound" when you pull back on the handle on the steering column and obviously, no fluid is seen. Where do I start? I've looked at fuses, which look intact.

'97 jetta turns on but doesn't start. i replace the distributer, the ignition coil. has power on coils but no spark

just started today 8/27/10 - on dash board EPC light on and rear lights remain on when car and all lights are turned off.

Sometimes the brakes squeak when you first use the car. It can be either morning or afternoon.

well i have a few problums,in the day time its taking off at a red light slow and high rpm slow speed,also it rides roughfer and the breaks and gas feel like they stiffen then spongie and the shocks feels like one side flat the swiches up

where is it located in the 2004 jetta

04 jetta epc light on? what can I do.

My power windows, sunroof, hand held keys and interior overhead lights aren't working.

is it hard to chang a water punp in a 2004 vw jetta

After replacing the battery my power windows will not go up automatically. They still go down automatically although they won't go down at the same time anymore. This affects all windows. Any ideas?

it is overheating and grey smoke coming out of tail pipe.

My air conditioner doesnt work at all but the heater stays on at all times, does anybody have this problem??? What could it be???

Im not sure what is wrong from time to time it wouldnt start. Wait a min and it will. This time it wont start at all it acts like it not geting gas.

How many motor mounts does a 1997 Jetta (manual shift) have?

How much does it cost to replace a front engine mount

engine run good, with car in gear and given it gas car seems to jump or they call shutters. The more I accelerate the faster the shutters. When I push in the clutch and as the RPM are coming down it makes a humming type noise. any suggestions if its the clutch or maybe a bad clutch plate Please Help the Confused!

While backing up I here a clacking noise and had it checked up by a few mechanics and they say its my axle. Can it be my axle or transmission going out?

my window worked on and off for three weeks today it just wont go up is it a fuse/?

The A/C works, but it makes a kind of rattling noise - not too loud, but still noticeable. I believe this is a fairly recent noise (but I don't often drive this car - it's my wife's car).

Right side cooling fan does not operate, it has 3 wires how to test????

how to change a wiper moter

About to sell my 2002 1.8T Jetta. It's in great shape but has a visible leak in the coolant hose. Mechanic said it's been there a while and I've had no problems except adding 12oz of coolant/water 1x a few weeks ago. No indicator lights or need to refill since then. Mechanic said dealer has to repair, he can't get the part. Any idea what it would cost at dealer and is it worth it before I sell? I'm thinking a mechanically inclined buyer could replace it easily themselves (leaking hose is very accessible at front of engine) Or, do I need to be prepared to forfeit some of my asking price so buyer can get it fixed? I've already spent some cash on other fixes, new tires etc. Doesn't seem like a real problem to me. Thanks in advance.

Windshield wiper fluid is no longer spraying, wipers work but nothing comes out and the reservoir is full.

Approximately how much should the 40,000 mile service cost??
A dealer just quoted me $489.95. He said the 40,000-mile service is considered a MAJOR service (RepariPal lists it as a MINOR service). He also said that they always replace front pads and rotors, which comes in between $450-$495.00. The rear brakes can sometimes have pads only replacement (if the rotors are in good condition), and that price is $260-$290.00. MY HEAD IS SPINNING. Please help. Thank you.

electric fan not comming on

Won't go into reverse

What is the labor cost to replace a starter on the vehicle above