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ihave changed cam sensor but still have code
How much would it cost to get my fuel lines completely replaced?
Check engine light flashes, would go over 30 mph
I took the car to a certified Jetta mechanic and he plugged into the computer and showed Cylinder Output, Cylinder 1 open ... can someone tell me what this means please. Email:
The air conditioning unit pulley has seized and I need to know if I can bypass the unit and install a smaller belt?
what could be the problem its almost like there somthing that its draging on its only happens from park to reverse and when i go to put it into drive i have to go to 4th gear and push it up easy to hit drive.
The fuel gauge will not rise even when there is fuel in the tank. Gauge always reads empty. Any help will be much appreciated.
how do u take apart transmission
was driving yesterday and car stalled out, tried starting it, starter turns engine over but will not fire, replaced fuel pump relay, checked fuel line at fuel rail, getting fuel that far at least, also checked coil, d...
I recently bought a 1999 Jetta VR6 in November of 2009. Since then it s been in the shop a total of 5x and needs to go in for another go! I ve had the heater core replaced, and I m having a serious problem with the E...
I tried the 'get an estimate' feature, but my problem was not an option. What should I expect to pay for a new exhaust system (not the manifold, but pipe)?
Timing belt broke and the belt is replaced, but no start, what's wrong?
i have a warning engine light on the panel how do i remove this? what is the main problem?
how much is the estimate for engine checkup?
there seems to be an electrical malfunction with my drivers side door. It wont open or close any windows, look or unlock doors form drivers side door manually and most important i'm on empty and it wont open the gas c...
only after a very heavy rain do I get water accumulation on the floor with no evidence of how it got there or where it came from
on my jetta i have a cold lower radiator hose. i changed the tremostat and still no heat!!!!!!
How do I get the error codes for a 1992 Jetta
why do all the calipers lock up at the same time after driving over 2 hours the lines are good and all seem to lead to the booster not getting enough vaccum
the transmission is slipping alittle but i dont know how to check the fluid.can u help
What does the EPC code mean
1999 jetta 2.0 AEG MKIV stalls, bucks, stumbles and runs great, in that order. When I come to a stop it is likely to stahl and is doing so more and more. But then it starts right back up and runs perfect for maybe a...
I have 141,000 miles on my Jetta Wagon and on my last road trip I only got 18 mpg per tank. I have replaced my MAF and I have new spark plugs and a new air filter. Does any one have any ideas. I'm thinking I might ...
i have a 95 vw. I was getting off the freeway and I stoped and stop sign and then I left. And I got about 200 feet and then all of a sudden the car die on me. I but gas in it and it will still not start. all the elect...
I bought this car last year and it runs over 3000 RPM's at 70mph. That seems high to me. Is it and if so what should I do?
I am no longer able to get my wipers to click into any setting other than the lowest speed. The wiper handle simply won't click in the up position where the higher speeds are located. Has anyone else had this issue?...
code p0722 as soon as key is turned on speed sensor has been replaced
My XM function on the car radio has worked fine since purchasing the car new. Now I only get 3 standard channels, 000, 001, 247. I have sound on the preview channel, 001. XM has reactivated the radio at least 3 time...