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Sir, This may be a stupid question, so here go's. A friend of mine recommended to put nitrogen in my tires instead of air , good idea or bad idea??? Thanks, J. Martin
My fan keeps running for about 5-8 minutes even when the car is off and I don't know why because my temperature gauge reads at normal temperature. It stays on for a while even if i drove it for only about 3 miles! The...
on the highway the car rides so very hard
just happened. car was running one minute. would not start the next.
My Driver's Side Window just fell into my door. I'm HOPING it just came loose of the clips that hold it, but they could be broken. Could anyone point me in the direction of some instructions on how to get the door pan...
just looking for a 1995 jetta 5 speed trans assembly manual
how can i improve my decreasing gas mileage
gas mileage is decreasing per gallon what is wrong
How do you change the rear light bulbs? I'm squeezing the clip and the assy. won't come out. The connectors are a b*tch to unclip. I'll never take a car to a dealer to change a f'n bulb. What gives? No one has ever ha...
my car will not start there is no compression and no spark in the plugs
Hello all !! My Jetta will randomly turn on the hand brake witness when the car changes inertia force (braking, turning accelerating). Does someone knows where does the hand bake sensor is located in order to get it ...
am having problem with the5# injector,i change all injectors and i still have problem helpe please.
put a nwe clucth in my new 1997 jetta and now my gears are grinding and no reverse
I took my car in for the ignition coil recall on 2/27/10. A week later there was smoke coming from the car. I went back to the dealership, and the service tech advised that they had left a hose loose and all was fin...
i put a new clucth in my 1997 jetta and i cant get it to go in the right gears the selector rod was pulled out but put back know it grinds when i try to put it in the gears
Sometimes the headlight and blinker will be working and then will stop working when I turn the car on again later in the day.I would assume it can't be the bulbs since they work once in a while. It must be something i...
how do i erase the engine to get the check engine light off
i have the following codes p1472 and p1425 have the code info but need to know what repair involves
the trunk release is not working via switch on drivers door or the key remote.
recently I washed the engine in my car shortly there after I began to have problems with the dash board lights the airbag light came on and the battery light flicker on and of and the rpm and speedometer will suddenly...
my check engine lt is on and it has 2 codes p2181 which i belive to be the temp sensor & p0864 not to sure what that is can u help me them thanks
I just blew a transmission and am looking to replace it. I was told that any 1.8 1.9 or 2.0 transmission between year 1999 and 2005 will work. Don't want to make a mistake in buying a used one.
i put some new throw out bearing in 1997 jetta an the rod came out of shift linkage how do i put it back
i put a new clucth n my jetta an my reverse is not working
A diagnostic tool says that the camshaft position sensor is bad, and come to find out that the distributor is the sensor in question. Can this be verified and if so how to go about replacing the distributor, easy, me...
what is the Piston's 1,2,3 on VW what do they do and why can't they be repaired. My repair person said it could not be fixed. I need to get another car now that I have put all of this money into repairs.
Just finished R&R on broken valve due timing belt slipping: not getting any spark when went to start. Scan code read TCM - communication current range. Had to remove overhead cam sensor to remove valve head. Do I need...
car stalls when stops or slow down for a turn
ihave changed cam sensor but still have code
How much would it cost to get my fuel lines completely replaced?