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My front passenger window will move approximately 1/4 inch and then stop. I press the button down again and again it moves about 1/4 inch and stop. It does this in the down an up direction. It also does this regardless if I operate it from the passenger control or driver's side control.

All other windows function, auto down and auto up with one touch control.

Is this a motor issue, maybe a fuse or I have read something about a regulator

What's the mileage interval to replace the timing belt?

how much time it takes to R&R an engine with auto trans.

I am having a hard time locating where to disconnect a clutch cable through the dash. Should I go pull full dash and remove gauges or is the access available by moving the steering column. I removed the lower dash and could not find an access to disconnect clutch cable.

i just bought a 99 jetta and on the way home the turns signals, flashers, and right side rear brake lights died.
any ideas?

My 95 vw start's but only runns for like 5 seconds and shuts off

I always have to put collant n my reservoir.

Just today my Battery Indicator Light illuminated what do I need to check or what is the problem??? The Battery or the Alternator?

I've had some issues with my exhaust and have only temporarly fixed each individual problem (muffler, cat, flex pipe). I everything finally gave out all at once, just as winter is coming and I don't want to have to lay in the street looking under my car in the snow. Any idea what an entirely new exhaust would cost? Basically from the manifold back.

recommended battery cca?

Care alarm is armed when trying to start it couses alarm to activate i just need to disconnect it thanks

the blower in my heater is not working. check for power and it has power, fuse in goood

What is the recommended mileage to replace the timing belt?

can not turn hazard lights off only will turn off when battery is disconnected

is there a electronic shift sensor? can't it be replaced? I'm considering buying this vehicle and trying to estimate if it is worth my time

So my husband's car is giving him some grief.... it is not always starting. He'll turn the key and nothing - not even a click. Battery is working fine. He will try multiple times and eventually it will work like normal. Has been happening daily for over a week now, and getting scared that it won't work soon. What is the problem?

How do I replace a water pump on my 1999 jetta 2.0 engeine

does this vehicle require a specific coolant?

The passenger side turn signal light on mirror is broken, how do I replace it?

I have a 97 vw jetta trek. a couple months ago my driver door lock broke (wont engage the lock or open door)now my passenger door has done the same thing. is there a way to get in my car manually?


how do i check transmission fluid

how long does a timing belt last

I have a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 4 cylinder. I bought it in March of 2007 with 36,000 miles or so and it has not given me much problem. Now, with 109,000 miles it needs a new timing chain, water pump, temperature sensor, thermostat, catalytic converter and a bracket welded. The total estimate is about $2,200.

Would you say it time to trade in my car?

Kelly Blue Book values is between $2,000 and $4,000, however, when I listed it for sales on Vehix they recommended over $8,000. Likewise, I am finding other 2003's with lower mileage in the $8,000 range.

Would you say it is time to trade it in?

The headlight and taillight are out on the passenger side. The high beams work but not the standard light.

I checked the fuses and they are good. Where should I look next?

I just realized today that while filling my washer fluid a few weeks ago I let if overflow quite a bit. It was running down the inside of the engine compartment (the washer fluid tank is right behind the passenger headlight, and the headlight wires run right around the tank). could this have caused the problem?

Why are there no dealerships listed? Wouldn't they be the most qualified?

Second gear does not work at all? But all the other gears work just fine.

I was following my son in his 2005 2.5 5 cyl Jetta and there was a lot of white/grey smoke coming out of the exhaust, it got worse when he accelerated. There are no engine lights on, nor any overheating. It was down about a half quart of oil. The car only has 65K on it, could it be the head gasket? The engine cover(?) was replaced a couple of months ago due to loud squealing. The dealer said it had to be replaced right away to avoid a bigger problem. This white smoke seems like a big problem. Any smaller problems it could be? Can I drive it to the shop?

When I drive my 1999 VW Jetta, with AEG engine, there seems to be a clicking noise from the engine. It sounds to me that the engine is missing on a cylinder as it only makes the noise at speeds lower than 30 mph. When I accelerate quickly or maintain a high speed the sound goes away. I have replaced and re gaped the spark plugs and replaced the wires, next for me would be the coil pack. Would this be the way to go?

oil light constantly flashes