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I was told I will need a new engine for a timing belt that broke - is that true? What are my options.
While driving my 2004 Jetta (2.0L 4-cyl engine, automatic tranny) at about 35 mph, the engine speeds up to about 4500 rpm but the car doesn't accelerate. Additionally, the engine has been intermittently stopping whil...
My car keeps overheating. Ihave changed the thermostat and now there is no heat only cold air. The fan will turn on if I have the AC on but not the heat. What could be the cause of this?
I bottomed out on some rocks caused engine light to blink, then drove 15mi and when i stopped the car shut off and would not restart, engine light came on briefly, never lost any oil. only occured one time, but car wi...
we just put a different ignitont assembley in our 2000 jetta and need to get the keys flashed, but cant do it right now is their anyway to bypass the anti trheft system so the car will keep running???
My car startes but it wont stay running can't keep it running long enough to get it somewere to get a diagnostic code Justin
whats up wit the clutch
engine light is on. I had it reset and came back on within 10 miles. Had code checked it was a P0410. I think this has something to do with the exhaust. How do I fix it?
Can anyone tell me what the acceptable freon levels are for the 2006 Jetta? I have the guages and also need to know the proper freon. What levels should the high and low side be? thanks
no speedometer lights. how do i change bulb.
put a new starter on car,when i turn switch alarm goes off and car will not start
plastic computer chip inside steering column has melted
i have no speedometer lights. can't see the speed i am driving
i have no speedometer lights
My exhaust system malfunction light is on and I was wondering what I might be looking at to get that problem resolved. What is the process?
how to adjust shift linkage
how to adjust shift linkage
i was driving down the road earlier today and my car started to tick and then the car like restarted and kept goin for a mile and then it died and now the only thing that works is the lights on the dash
my vw was serviced and the shop topped of my coolant with advanced auto parts AF1100 coolant and told me it was safe? Is this true?
wont start fuel pump working but im not getting fuel , tryed starting car with starting fluid an it started
The VW Owner's Manual makes no reference (for the 1.9L gas engine) to replacing the Timing Belt or Coolant within the first 105,000 miles. Any recommendations?
I had gotten new brakes and rotors but keep having problems. The Repair shop claims they are really a very good brand. Yet they get rusty when the car sits even overnight. What can cause this? are they bad brakes
trunk will not open with key or inside latch
Drivers window wont go up all the way - sometimes won't go up at all
I have a 1991 Volkswagen Jetta with a 1.8 liter engine. How do i set the timing? I think it is done through a hole in the bell housing but dont see any timing tabs.
My 2006 Jetta makes the loudest noise (sounding like a prop plane) when I accelerate. It does not appear to be the muffler, what else could it be. We had the tires checked and rotated and put new ones on and nothing ...
how many quarts need transmission fluid
where do i find a map of where stuff is would like to replace heat scensor and replace the light came on and started blinking the guage went cold for the longest time now it go's from 120 then 200 then...