how do i check transmission fluid

how long does a timing belt last

I have a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 4 cylinder. I bought it in March of 2007 with 36,000 miles or so and it has not given me much problem. Now, with 109,000 miles it needs a new timing chain, water pump, temperature sensor, thermostat, catalytic converter and a bracket welded. The total estimate is about $2,200.

Would you say it time to trade in my car?

Kelly Blue Book values is between $2,000 and $4,000, however, when I listed it for sales on Vehix they recommended over $8,000. Likewise, I am finding other 2003's with lower mileage in the $8,000 range.

Would you say it is time to trade it in?

The headlight and taillight are out on the passenger side. The high beams work but not the standard light.

I checked the fuses and they are good. Where should I look next?

I just realized today that while filling my washer fluid a few weeks ago I let if overflow quite a bit. It was running down the inside of the engine compartment (the washer fluid tank is right behind the passenger headlight, and the headlight wires run right around the tank). could this have caused the problem?

Why are there no dealerships listed? Wouldn't they be the most qualified?

Second gear does not work at all? But all the other gears work just fine.

I was following my son in his 2005 2.5 5 cyl Jetta and there was a lot of white/grey smoke coming out of the exhaust, it got worse when he accelerated. There are no engine lights on, nor any overheating. It was down about a half quart of oil. The car only has 65K on it, could it be the head gasket? The engine cover(?) was replaced a couple of months ago due to loud squealing. The dealer said it had to be replaced right away to avoid a bigger problem. This white smoke seems like a big problem. Any smaller problems it could be? Can I drive it to the shop?

When I drive my 1999 VW Jetta, with AEG engine, there seems to be a clicking noise from the engine. It sounds to me that the engine is missing on a cylinder as it only makes the noise at speeds lower than 30 mph. When I accelerate quickly or maintain a high speed the sound goes away. I have replaced and re gaped the spark plugs and replaced the wires, next for me would be the coil pack. Would this be the way to go?

oil light constantly flashes

Earlier today, I bought a repair kit for the windshield washer tube that runs the fluid to the sprayer. The tube was severed at the elbow of the hood on the passenger side. As I was cutting the electrical tape around it in order get a clean connection for what I was fixing, and I accidentally cut the four wires that were running along side the washer fluid tube. I then closed the hood thinking that I would repair it when I got home. Well, I went to pop the hood, and now the hood will not open. I cannot believe that copper electrical wire can open the hood, but I am concerned. Is there some sort of electrical release mechanism that runs along with the washer fluid tube under the hood, or is it possible the hood release cable came off?

Whats the parts and labor cost estimate

Filled oil and antifreeze bit red oil light is still on and there is a beeping sound, lik an alarm - what could this be

i would like to know how to set the timing. on a 1990 vw jetta with a 1.8 gas engine. where do the dots on the gears need to be pointing


what does the dash light look like for the tire pressure

Im almost positive my jetta has a blown head gasket and the when I put it in reverse it pops out of gear and grinds. The exterior only has two dents but I am usure whether to repair the car, sell as is, junk it, or sell it piece by piece. The blue book value is about $1900 needing repairs, but I am unsure if it would be worth it to pay the cost of repairs. Also if I sold it "as is" I am usure what asking price should be.

how much would it cost to replace the exhaust manifold if i already have thwe part

how much would it cost to peplace my rear axel if i already have the part

I was told by a Muffler s Shop that the catalytic converter that is on my 1999 VW Jetta is against the law, it is being investigated. But I need to know if it affects the car's performance. thank You

I had a 97 Hyundai car that no one seem able to fix, I then ended up at a auto car sale and mechanic shop, they did not fix the problem either. They told me to buy one of their cars which I did, I purchase a 1999, VW Jetta with three months warranty, and from that time which was 5/19/2010 when ever the gear shift the car would jerk, the problem now it's jerking when driving especially when the speed is chaging or going up a hilL. The reverse gear is stalling too.

Where can I fine the throttle position censor in the car

how difficult is this repair for an experenced home mechanic

My driver side headlight tilts up a bit and is higher than the passenger side. How do I adjust them?

What brand is the best type of engine oil for this car?

I Have two problems first one is the need to replace a head gasket and need a good local mechanic. The next problem is my vw jetta glx vr6 does not pass the smog inspection. it barely passes the emissions part and their computer does not make contact with my computer. No o.b.d tests are confirmed so it does not pass the diagnostics part.I've tried reseting it by driving it all over hells creation but still nothing

Car is overheating. Coolant leak. made repair and stopped leak. Also replaced thermostat. However, car is running hot. Could it be problem with water pump?

one shop return my car not running the other one could not get it running said it needed the computer

ok so for the past month or so my car has been getting progressively louder when i accelerate not quite sure what it might be i cant remember the last time i checked my tranny fluid and curious if that might have anything to do with it i need some input and i also rotated my tires today and on my way to work the car started to vibrate a bit when i would accelerate not sure if it goes hand in hand with the first issue or not but please any input would help on this situation.

I chance the termostat already and reconected the hose end the problem persist, I conected the house without termostat and the problem is the same, my car is no leakig and I don't know what is the problem now, looking like there aren't coalnt recirculation from the radiator I not sure if I have to cance the water pump and if is that where it goes?